Wednesday, March 10, 2010

art for grandma

How I miss the snuggly babies that nursed and looked at me with adoring eyes?

But I also love this age---the age of creativity and unrestraint. I love it that Kaya has an enthusiasm for art like I do and that Zan will participate on occasion. We have had such fun this month painting together.

This first painting is one I made for my Mother-in-Law for her birthday. It is a watercolor that was inspired by I picture I took of my kids on the beach on a previous visit.
While I worked on my painting, Zander and Kaya painted with me on their own works of art for their Grandma.

Isn't this the cutest jellyfish family you have ever seen? Kaya named it "Jellyfish Making Bubbles." She spent all day on it---coming back to touch up and add different colors.
And my reluctant artist made the octopus. Once he finished he said, "You're right mom. This is kind of fun and it looks pretty cool."