Thursday, January 31, 2008

spoonful of sugar

Today, while taking care of my sick kiddos, I decided I must truly believe a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Luckily, they aren't sick that often but when they are, I sugarcoat their entire day. I let them wear their pajamas all day, I let them eat or drink as many fun snacks and juice as they want, I don't even touch the housework but instead hold & pay attention to them constantly. Instead of making them clean up their playroom, I do it for them. They are allowed to watch as much TV as they want. Yesterday I held and rocked Kaya since she didn't want to nap. Today, I let Zander take a nap with me in my bed (boy, he had to twist my arm for that one!).

My heart aches to see them feel bad and I just want to take their fevers away when I kiss their foreheads. I hope by letting them snuggle and sit in my lap all day somehow their colds will seep into my skin.

I hope they feel better tomorrow but if not more sugarcoating from mama. I wouldn't be surprised if Zander convinced me that they should be allowed to have chocolate cake for breakfast......I guess I need to draw the line somewhere.

Monday, January 28, 2008

look at that balloon

Wouldn't it be great to have such a young and innocent mind?

All you really have to worry about is....Look at that balloon!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5159654558629584258" />

Luckily for Zander we live very close to a landing strip and often see hot-air balloons. We even had some right above our house last was Matt says, "It sounded like a dragon was in our backyard."

But Zander had to go look at this one a few days was cold ( yes, I know my Northern snowbirds are laughing at what I call "cold"). But he loved looking at it. It really got close to our house later on.....when I didn't have them camera on me! He still talks about seeing the balloon over his house.

Kaya liked it enough long enough to say "Bloon".....and then she wanted to run around........typical!!!

So I'm hoping all of you find a "balloon" today to bring you unprecedented joy!!! What we could all learn from a 2 year old!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

grandpa, where are you?

Zander and Kaya love to play a new game, "Where are you?". Today while playing they kept saying, "Grandpa......where are you?". I think it was because Kaya was borrowing Zander's favorite hat that Grandpa gave him. Too bad they didn't find Grandpa, he is in Kentucky, but they'll get to see him in less than 2 weeks....Yeah!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

For Alyssa of the sweetest gals I know is moving away this week. She has been my fun neighbor that I could always rely on for Friday Night Cocktails. We have laughed together, cried together, debated politics name it, we've done it! Best of luck in New Orleans Alyssa!!! I love ya!

You are Strong

You are Strong....
because you look at life as a learning process,
you yearn to find a better place for you..
You brave the trials of moving away from your comfort zone.

You are Strong...
because you care so much about your kids' education,
because you are a loving, devoted wife,
because you give so much to make those around you happy.

You are Strong...
because you made a studio that isn't looked upon as "normal",
because you touch so many lives because you made that choice,
because you enpower women through pole-dancing.

You are Strong...
because you open up to a neighbor to have some fun,
because you are a always a happy friend that I can rely on,
because you voice your opinions and thoughts to me without reservation.

You are Strong...
because you are caring enough to cry when you are leaving friends you love,
because you're leaving a "comfortable" life to show your kids what you value,
because you are taking a chance to live out your dreams.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I recently read an article that talked about how a new study said that one's personality could be reflected by what magazines they read. I thought when I read that...How profound is that? Wouldn't common sense tell you that a person would read magazines that reflect their interests?
Anyway...last night as I was reading one of my favorite magazines I remembered this and started thinking of my favorites. I'm pretty much a magazine junkie. I love to read them and read several of them. One of my favorite things to do is get a new magazine, fix myself a warm bath, and read it cover to cover......that is my excuse to myself to take a soak in the tub.
My favorite magazines though are

People, Real Simple, Wonder Time, National Geographic, & Quilter's what do these say about my personality?

I think People pretty much says I'm shameless about what I read. Yes, I do love reading the celebrity gossip and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I love to read National Geographic when I'm feeling smart.....which always takes longer to get to and longer to read.....but I do always find it so interesting. When I read it I think of myself sitting with a group of scholars and saying something like, "Oh yes, I found that article about memory and the brain quite riveting."

Real Simple is always a delight to get in the mail. I usually read it the first day I get it. I always love the tips, the recipes, and the articles. I also love thinking that one day my house will be as organized and beautiful as they always are in that magazine.

I think I love Quilter's World because I have suddenly been overcome with a strange addiction to quilting. Maybe my grandmas' spirits are trying to live through me in this crafty way? Who knows? I love to look at quilts, patterns, cut out fabric, and finally make them. It has gotten so bad that when I got this month's issue of Quilting World I told Matt that I was not going to look at it until I finish the quilt I have under my sewing machine right now. An hour later...I'm sneaking my new Quilter's World to read upstairs while I take a bath. Yes, I got caught but isn't this pattern so pretty---I can't wait to get started on it!

My final favorite mag is Wonder Time. My friend Kara told me about it a few months ago and since then I have been hooked. I think it is the best parenting magazine ever! I love the articles, the emphasis on learning ( in a natural way not with all the jazzed-up toys and tools), pretty much everything about it. I can really relate to the articles in it. Look at the article featured on this month's cover...

Do you think one is obsessed with blogging when they blog about a blog article in a magazine?
Yep, enough said.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

it's only time-out

This morning after several attempts to get Kaya to stop climbing on top to the table I said, "If you do that again, you're going to time-out!". Well, Kaya decided to take herself there that time anyway (I suppose she knew where it was since she had seen Zander go to the rug before). She took herself to the rug, sat down, and looked at me with a pouty face and pitiful shining eyes. I decided to ignore this (since she was in time-out) but her big brother did not. Zander immediately ran over to her and put his arm around here and said, "It's okay Kaya, it's only time-out". They then started bumping heads, kissing, squealing, and giggling......having the grandest time in time-out. I did get to grab my camera in time to capture these two.....

So now I'm sure I'm going to have to find a new method of discipline....since it's only time-out....
Since all of this happened, Zander has made up a new game. He tells his little sister to go to time-out and she does willingly. He then joins her to bump heads, kiss, squeal, and giggle all over again.

What am I going to do with these little stinkers???A mother's work is never done..........

crafty calendar part two

Okay......I know I said a few weeks ago I would share my scrapbook calendar I'm making for here at home....

Much to my disappointment, my craftiness has slowed down. What could I possibly be doing all day?

I have January through April finished so far, here are a few pictures that show how I'm doing it this year. I'm using only black &white photos and spelling out all birthdays with letter stickers. I really like the new changes I've made!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.
B. F. Skinner

One of my top goals as a mother is to make my children love books. I love is and has always been one of life's greatest pleasures for me. I love to smell books...I love to read about books....I love to go to bookstores and libraries...I love to talk about books.....I love to share them with children and read aloud to them....
My dream of when I'm retired or when I win the lottery is to volunteer at the public library. Wouldn't that be the dreamiest job....

So when I see how much my children enjoy feeling, looking, and reading books I just beam with pride and joy. Enjoy the video of my little joy reading her farm book.

Kaya Reading

Friday, January 18, 2008

first hot chocolate

I know it sounds so cliche but they grow up so fast. I have been amazed the past few weeks about Zander's development and growth. It is fascinating to see how his personality is developing and to watch him grow into a little boy.

He has started forming sentences out of his thoughts. It is so interesting and often hilarious to watch. I love hearing his observations on life and the things he will think of to say. I also can't believe he isn't in diapers anymore and that he can sit in a regular chair at the table (although he still eats in the high chair beside Kaya if she is eating too.....they have to do EVERYTHING the same!). He just looked so grown up to me yesterday when he had his first taste of hot chocolate.

I love remembering him as a baby but am also anticipating the many wonderful moments to come. What a joy to watch my little boy grow up!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

first snow

We haven't seen snow here for at least 3 years so we were so excited last night! This was the first snow for both of the kids. Zander went outside to play in it as it fell down.

Zander and Daddas catching snowflakes
We are probably the only people that grill when it is snowing. Here in Georgia, people wear scarves & earmuffs if it gets as cold as 50 degrees outside. But Matt didn't mind and the chicken was Yummy!!! We decided that will be our family tradition, always grill when it snows.

The master kind of weather can stop him!

It accumulated at least an inch and was so pretty in the dark after it had fallen down. We all enjoyed watching it....

Kaya watching the snow through the window

I had such great dreams for us today.....we were going to play outside, come in and drink hot chocolate, and enjoy the winter day! When I got up this morning----it was mostly gone. The rain overnight washed most of it away. Oh well, we had a fun day anyway. We went shopping with Grandma, had a delicious lunch at Moe's, and had hot chocolate for an afternoon snack. We'll keep wishing for more snow..........

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

watch me Wednesday No.6 pt.2

Here is Zander singing "Row, Row your boat." He was a little wild and crazy after seeing snow for the first time!

watch me Wednesday no.6 (fave 2007 photos)


For all 5 of you that read my blog, I guess you have noticed I haven't posted daily lately like I used to. I haven't been feeling well and didn't know what to post at times when I wasn't feeling so happy or positive. So now, I'm going to attempt to stop feeling guilty and share my feelings about what has been going on with my health.

As many of you know, I've suffered from female menstruation problems since I was 9 years old. It is a continual roller-coaster ride dealing with pain, bleeding, and just feeling bad. I have gone through so may pills, treatments, surgeries, etc. that it is sometimes just too much to comprehend. In an earlier post this year I talked about this and how I was going to have a cheerful heart......well, I'm trying but when you're in constant pain it is sometimes so hard to force your heart to be cheerful.

I went to the doctor yesterday for more tests to see if I had tumors inside my uterus. The good news I don't have them on the inside ( I have a fibrous one on the outside, but not a reason for concern). The bad news is I don't have them on the we're still investigating the pain. I was diagnosed with dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, and some disorder I can't remember the name of. I am also blessed with having endometriosis. I always said 4 was my lucky number so lucky me.....I have 4 disorders of the reproductive system! I am thankful that none of these are life-ending disorders, just life-altering for me right now. ( you can click on the names of these if you want to read about reading, guaranteed!)

But my biggest pain is all of the guilt I'm having.....

I feel guilty that I don't feel well enough to have arts, crafts, or lessons with my kids every day. I feel guilty that on most nights I go to bed between 8 & 9 and don't see Matt for that long. I feel guilty that I have to ask my mom to stay here an extra day to help me because I'm still sore from my procedure. I feel guilty that I'm making you read about all of my health issues, I know you have better things to do. I feel guilty that I feel sorry for myself at times......look at how blessed I am to have two beautiful children. Many women with endometriosis never have children. I feel guilty that I can't force myself to be positive all the time and have a cheerful heart.

So now my treatment is to try another pill for a couple of months and see what happens. If that doesn't work, it is back to surgery (operative laparoscopy) again. I love my doctor and truly feel that I'm in good hands.
Here are my prayers as I wait and see......
* I pray that I can be as cheerful as possible and add joy to those around me.
* I pray that I get rid of the guilt surrounding me right now.
* I pray that the pain and bleeding gets better and I can feel like myself again.

Thanks for reading. That is the end of my sob story..........I'll not dwell on this and post happier blogs for you later. But thanks, friends, for allowing me to be my venting self today.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I will not eat them in a house
I will not eat them with a mouse
I will not eat them with a goat
I will not eat them in a boat
I do not like oranges I say
Unless they're my brother's and I've taken them away.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


If you haven't heard of Pandora internet radio......what a treat you have to discover!!!

You can subscribe for free and customize your own radio stations to your liking. This is what I do on Saturday nights while Matt and I watch TV (boy, we have such wild lives). I also love putting in an artist or song title while I'm cleaning the kitchen and can listen to it on my laptop.

It is so cool.......just type in an artist or song you like and it continually plays songs similar to your own personalized radio station. You can make a bunch of different stations-just select the one you want to listen to the next time you log on. I currently have Jack Johnson, Everclear, Alabama, Rod Stewart, and The Refreshments. I'm getting ready to add more on this wild & crazy Saturday night!!!

Have fun listening to your favorite music!

By the way.....I did finish 2 puppets......I'll share them when they are all complete!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

while you nap away, mommy will play

Or so I wish I could......
My crafty distracted mind is at it again. I'm trying to rush through the necessary household chores so I can start my newest project. I had a brainstorm last night about how to make the cutest puppets to go with Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. I know the kids will LOVE them and I am just itching to get started....
Here are the supplies....

I'll have to be sneaky to get started however.
I can just hear my dear husband now..."Aren't you making a baby quilt right now?" and "I thought you were going to make a scrapbook calendar." and the one I've heard since 2004"Are you ever going to finish Michael & Teri's wedding gift you started?"

As you can see, I have great intentions to finish all of these things. I've even made a handy-dandy schedule on a calendar (its sole purpose is to schedule crafts). "

I do usually get things finished if it is absolutely necessary (except for Michael & Teri's wedding gift) but I feel that is part of being creative and crafty. Sometimes you just have to go with your heart not your mind. And right now my heart says, "Oh please make some cute puppets...please, please, please!"

So now I must let you go while I quickly clean the floors and put the dishes absolutely necessary chores of the afternoon....I hope I at least have time to sketch out my puppet designs. And I hope to share them with you soon!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

household tip of the day

If your 2 year old decides to draw a beautiful picture in
red sharpie marker on your fabulous new comforter.....
Don't fret!!!
Use the stainlifting skills of hairspray.
That's right, hairspray!

Spray directly on spot, wash in washer on warmest setting possible. Repeat as often as necessary. When stain has lifted, dry and fluff.

Now you can take off your cleaning apron & go watch your stories while you eat your bon-bons.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Waiting to go inside for our playdate

Zander & Kaya were so excited to see their friend Lily for a playdate. I have to admit, I was just as excited to see her mom!

I love watching my children interact with others and see their "public" personalities emerge. Zander is usually much more reserved. I see him turn into a sensitive, observant little boy when he is with others. He's not the wild, boisterous guy that runs around our house with Kaya. He was even a serious baby so it is nice to see that side of him again on occasion.
Kaya, on the other hand, is silly as usual.......and maybe even more daredevilish. She giggles all the time and is a happy-go-lucky little lady!

Speaking of playing---
the other day at the park I had a parenting moment. You know, one of those moments when your heart gets tugged at and you think "so this is what it feels like to be a mother."

Zander & Kaya were swinging and screeching in pure delight when Zander said, "Look at all those friends out there!"
That is when my heart sweet and innocent.........then I started thinking in mother mode----Oh, I hope he does have a lot of friends. My mind started to flashforward and think of all the moments in the future of when I will have to see him with all the friends I don't necessarily choose for him. I just hope he is kind to them and they are kind to him........but I do know there is reality out there and that may not always happen.

So after that moment of panic and thinking he is growing up soooooooo fast, I am so thankful that I can still have a few more years that I can take him on his playdates with his friends and be there with him.

Saying Goodbye to Lily

Saturday, January 5, 2008

world of wheels (and Dora)

We had a great time at the Car Show!!!

Zander loved Lightning McQueen and all of the cars.......they both loved Dora........Kaya blew kisses to Dora & Dora blew kisses back!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

we wear many hats

My Life Lesson to my kids this week----

To be happy you must be flexible and wear many hats.

Sippy Cup Hats

Pull-Up Hats

Fettucine Hats

Thursday, January 3, 2008

simple pleasures

Yesterday I decided it was time......time to finally get a new comforter set. I have been wanting a new one for years. There was always some reason I didn't get one-money, disagreeing with Matt over the colors, time, can't find what I want---
But yesterday I took some of my Christmas money and went and bought this bright, delicious set!

I love how soft it is and the bold colors. I woke up this morning & thought "what a bright, wonderful way to start the day!" I snuggled deep in the covers and just basked in the coziness of it all. It is probably a sin to love a bed soooo much.

Here is my second simple pleasure of the day. The book "Picture Perfect" by Jodi Picoult. It is one of those books you start and don't want to put down. Reading it in such a snuggly bed makes it even better.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

during 2008

During 2008...
I Resolve

to use more reusable bags,
be conscious of the money I spend,
take my kids to the park more often,
visit far-away friends I miss so much,
be more romantic with my Mattie.

During 2008...
I wish
that more hungry children will be fed nourishing food,
I continue to have such fun with my kids.
my friends who are suffering find relief.
more hugs and kisses could be shared, not angry words.
the world could slow down a bit for those feeling so rushed.

During 2008...
I will
take a relaxing bath & read a great book at least once a week.
keep my laundry caught up (ha....thought I'd throw that in for a joke).
play with Zander & Kaya with undivided attention once a day.
continue to work on my spiritual growth.
try to bring happiness to you when I post my blogs.