Friday, February 19, 2010

snow day

Last week when areas of the country that rarely have snow got covered, we actually got some of the white stuff. I was pretty sure this would be all we would see so I let the kids run out and enjoy it while playing dress-up. Now I notice what a crazy mother I am since they are not wearing coats......we were caught up in the moment of catching snowflakes. But after a snuggly nap and watching the movie, SnowBuddies, we saw some thick snow!

Thick enough for a snowangel!
Fluffy enough to slide down the hill in...
Enough accumulation to make a snowman!
And Zan's favorite.....plenty for a snowball fight!
We enjoyed our Winter Wonderland. I'm sure we enjoyed it because we haven't been stuck in it all Winter. It was a beautiful sight!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

weekly menu #5

I LOVE Publix. If I had an unlimited budget I would just go in and splurge every week. Of course, sometimes I have to go to stores where I get things much cheaper. Publix does have some good sales, and when they do, I love to go in and get treated like a queen while I shop.

I especially love their easy recipes that they have on display and sometimes samples of (yum). And they are delish!! Even better is the fact that they have all of the ingredients together on display to fix this week's featured meal. If you miss a meal you love you can still collect the handy dandy cards of all of the past recipes beside the display.

Here are 3 that are featured in this week's menu.

* Tasty Turkey Chili and Ginger Spice Spread on Multigrain Bread
* Easy "Barbecue" Shrimp with Jambalaya Rice
* Sun-dried Tomato Artichoke Chicken with Arugula Mushroom Salad

If you are lucky enough to have a Publix in your neigborhood, look at the recipes. You might just find your favorite meal!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

weekly menu ???

I'm really kind of embarassed by this weekly was all quick, easy, stufff......prebought. Or so easy you really wouldn't have to think about it! My few menu items that I was creative with were the
Fried Pickles........we love them from Hooters......but mine were good, but not as good as Hooters. I dipped my pickles in egg and then cornmeal and then fried them. They were good.....but not as good as Hooters.....I'll have to ask the waitress the next time we go!
The other menu item that wasn't prepackaged was the Drumsticks. I was planning on making them Lemon-Pepper but found out we were out of Lemon-Pepper so I poured a Fat-Free 3 cheese dressing Ranch on them from Kraft. They turned out pretty yummy.

Yeah, Yeah, I know.....I promised recipes each week for this New Year's Resolution (why couldn't I have a resolution like last year.....nap every day......a goal that is reasonable). But now I'm surviving. Surviving LIFE. Life that means dealing with the two preschoolers I have ....why didn't I put them in school already........for all of those moms that I judged for finding some school, or something for their kids to do, so they could live normally, I apologize for my judgement......I understand now.

So yeah, my menus aren't so amazing now...but maybe they will be soon. I TRULY can't complain about my life.

I LOVE my new book business, check out my site if you need enticing books for your kids....

I LOVE all the vacations we have been on lately..

I know some of you were knee-deep in snow when we were doing this.......

And I love teaching my kids. Recently we have been doing art. This is a Wax-Crayon Painting lesson that turned out so cool. We are going to do Pointalism art tomorrow and Cube/shape paintings the next day. I just HOPE I'm teaching Zan something to get him ready for Kindergarten.