Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Such a HAPPY Halloween!!!

Today was WONDERFUL!!! I guess that is why I have been brainwashing my kids that Halloween is such a great holiday!

We first woke up to watch Charlie Brown's Its the Great Pumpkin..........Zander and Kaya loved it!!! Zander kept holding his Halloween Card his Grandma sent and said "Mama, Pumpkin Patch card. Mama, Pumpkin Patch TV." Yes, he is just as obsessed with TV as I am.....not a great trait I've given him, I know. So all day he kept saying, "Pumpkin Patch, again." And being that it WAS Halloween, how could I say NO?

After a full day of fun, a playdate at a neighbors house, and way too much candy.......we went Trick or Treating. Zander seemed to think trick or treating was about getting inside people's house as quick as you could while they handed out candy. Amazingly Kaya did know to go to the door but she wanted to open candy as soon as it was given out. At only 13 months old, she knows how to get through those candy wrappers to get to the goods! I'm sure everyone in my neighborhood thought I feed them candy daily for lunch the way those two ripped through it. So much for parents going home and sorting through your candy.

The sweetest moment was when Matt was pulling them in the wagon and Zander looked up at me for a few seconds and said, "Thank You Mama." I thought I was going to cry right there on the street. I often think, "Do they even realize how special I'm trying to make this for them, they are so little?". When he looked up at me with those huge brown eyes, I knew. I'm doing ok. I make mistakes, like we all do, but he knows.......I love him & Kaya more than anything. My sweet husband told me later that Zander had looked at him while trick or treating and said, "Daddas, Zan Zan happy."

We came home and let the kids eat themselves silly on candy. After those comments, how could we refuse? Zander ate M&Ms and watched The Great Pumpkin once again while Kaya laughed out loud and stumbled around like a little girl drunk on candy. We finally got them settled down and they both went right to sleep.

Who could hate Halloween? What a day of fun, sweet candy, and unforgettable love????

my baby crafters

I'm so excited about Halloween that I can't stand it!!! This is the 1st year both Zander & Kaya can actually walk around and trick or treat. I've been brainwashing them for the past month about how wonderful Halloween is. Kaya, who is just learning to talk, actually says "Boo" when she sees a ghost, witch, or pumpkin. We listen to WeeSing for Halloween all the time. Zander constantly asks, "Halloween, PLEASE?" to listen to all the songs.

In my love for crafting and Halloween we made these pumpkin bags yesterday. I had them recite the fingerplay "Five Little Pumpkins" with these on. Well, try to recite......Zander does a few words, Kaya just points her finger at us and then goes "Run, Run, Run." Of course, they refused to do it for the video camera. I've tried to record it in my brain so when they both are so old they don't want mama around on Halloween, I can just smile fondly at the memory.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Virgin Blogger

Now I'm stepping into the Blogger World.........scary, but exciting!

I was inspired by my dear friend Jenny that I haven't seen in such a long time. Her posts are beautifully written and I will strive to be half as creative as she.

I'm starting this to stay connected to old friends and develop stronger bonds. Because without our friends, who are we?

I chose the name craftykorisa because I'm always crafting up something.........usually something creative and homemade with fabric and/or paints but just as often crazy stories about strangers.