Thursday, November 29, 2007

zander's letter to santa

Zander has been begging to write his letter to Santa for 2-3 weeks now! Yesterday we sat down and wrote it. He told me exactly what to write. If you can't see the words this is what his letter says....

"Hi Santa!

Bring Elmo garage PLEASE.
Bring more Blue's Clue's Books PLEASE.
Zan-Zan & Kaya share Elmo garage.
Zan-Zan go to Santa's house.

Love you Santa,

We are going to the mall tomorrow to see Santa. Maybe he'll be excited this year instead of scared!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watch Me Wednesday No.1 (Typical Tuesday)

Inspired by my friend Jenny & her friend Carol's Wordless Wednesday posts, I decided to start Watch Me Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I will try to share a slide show or someday video (wow, I'm getting computer savvy!). It may be present or past photos I'm thinking fondly of at the moment. Who knows what will be next?

This week you're watching a Typical Tuesday slideshow of the kiddos.....Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

becoming a bigger, better, me.....growing spiritually

Another item on my list of Becoming a Bigger, Better Me is to grow spiritually. I recently read in the book Eat, Pray, Love (which you must read, if you haven't) to "Look for God...Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water."

And I've been trying......
I read excerpts and books of differing religions, I have prayed, I have meditated, I have written in my journal, I have made gratitude lists......
I feel like I'm becoming more at peace with myself BUT I want to have a sense of the Spirit within me at all times. I want to be like Zander who whenever he sees anything or thinks anything truly joyous to him he just whispers, "Wow.....Oh my Gosh."

I read last night that the true devotee of God will get up early each morning before the rest of the world and fervently pray to God. Well, I didn't exactly get up amazingly early, but I did get up this morning around 6:00 to read my devotional and Bible.

After my readings I got up, turned on the tree lights, and started to tackle my list of daily chores.
Then I turned around and looked at the Christmas tree.
And then I went and sat under it and stared at the lights and ornaments. Ever since I can remember, I always loved gettng up in the mornings and looking at the lights. This moment of quiet reflection has gotten me through many moments of life. I remember looking at it as a little girl and thinking "What a wonderful, fun life I have.....Christmas is here!". I remember when our house got broken into when I was home from college and gazing at the lights a few days later, thinking, "How lucky I am to have made it through that". I remember times staring at the tree and thinking ,"Thank you Lord for sending your Son to the manger and giving us this reason to celebrate."

This morning I sat up and stared and looked at the ornaments Matt & I have collected together through the years, I reminisced fondly when I saw my childhood ornaments, and I laughed when I saw the jumble of kids ornaments at the bottom of the branches. I stared and just let joyous thoughts fill up my soul.

And it hit me.........I've been looking for God with such vigor, I never just stood still and noticed He has been here the whole time. I felt the spirit fill up my body and with tears filling up my eyes whispered, "Wow......Oh my Gosh....."

Monday, November 26, 2007

kaya's variety show

I have to brag on my two kids and their sleeping. They both are the best sleepers, they sleep 13-14 hourse each night & still enjoy their naps. They love to sleep, unless, they are in my bed. Trying to sleep with them (especially Kaya) is like Matt says, "Sleeping with a wild cougar or grizzly bear." I should just learn to accept this but last night I seemed to forget how true his statement is.

Because Kaya always sleeps through the night, I was so shocked to hear her hysterically crying at 2:30 this morning. I ran to her room to find her all tangled up in her shirt. Somehow she had gotten her head stuck in her sleeve and, understandably, was extremely upset. I fixed it for her but she was still sobbing. I tried to put her down but she kept crying. I'll just take her to bed with me to sleep then, I thought. She clung to my neck and snuggled her sweet head on my shoulder. Oh this will be so sweet to hold her and snuggle with her......

Then we get in my bed. I could see by the light from the window the giant grin that immediately filled her face. The first act of the Kaya Variety Show was about to begin. She immediately started jumping up & down and tried to scale the headboard. Then she would fall back on my pillow and giggle. After this act was performed for several minutes I finally convinced her to rest on top of me.

Sweet sleeping success, I thought.....wrong again.

While she was moderately still, this was when she started talking about all of her little friends she sleeps or plays with. At first it was "DoDo, DoDo (Dora)". This was followed by "Elmo", "Night, Night (the grinch), "Who, Who"(her owl), "Ruff, Ruff" and then just for fun she started saying "Go Cowboys" over and over. She seemed so proud of herself to be reciting these words continuously.

I thought she was finished but then she started singing for me. She kept singing "Row, Row,Row,Row, Row", her version of Row, Row, Row your boat. All of a sudden she heard her daddy stir in the bed. That was when all hope of her being still and going to sleep was over. She then started yelling, "Daddy, Daddy" as loud as she could and tried to slam into him as hard as she could.

After the excitement of seeing Daddy, she continued to flop around, flip, & climb for another 30 minutes or so. The whole time she is grinning and laughing. During her Variety Show final act she was trying to do backbends in the bed. So that was when I decided to close the curtain on this little cutie's act.

I shuffled her off to her room in my arms, resigning myself to the fact that I would be in her room the rest of the night to comfort her and make her go to sleep. I told her, "Kaya, its time for you to go to sleep but Mama will be here if you need me."

We got to her crib and I put her down, just knowing the worst was to come. Kaya looked up at me and said "Night, Night", grabbed her owl, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and rolled over. I didn't hear a peep from her again until 8 this morning.

I can't figure out if she is always so wild in our bed because she doesn't want to be there or because she truly is a little performer.

I'll never know the pleasure of snuggling up with and sleeping with my little girl. I guess a one-year-old girl just needs her own space as much as I do.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

my baby crafters no.3

This is actually from earlier this week. Zander and I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and then made a caterpillar. He loved putting the legs through the holes!

even, steven?

As much as I love my husband, it always drives me crazy when he tries to negotiate his way. Any time I ask him to help me do something, I'll hear something like, "Well, if you do this.....I'll do that." This makes me want to scream at him, "Do you really want to make things Even Steven around here?" Why certainly....I will gladly sit on the couch and watch football while you cook dinner and clean all of the dishes. And by the way, don't forget the laundry!

So, I'm on this kick because last night I asked him to get up with me and the kids this morning so I could do some Christmas shopping early & then spend the rest of the day with them. His response was "Well what about Sunday?". To be honest, I was already planning on getting up early Sunday too....because I have so much I want to get done. But that comment left me fuming.....does he really think his sacrifice of not sleeping in one day measures up to my sacrifices I make daily?

After some sleep I woke up not as mad (sleep usually mellows my mood out) but looking at this from another perspective.

No, things will never be "Even, Steven" around here.............

I'm the one who gets to see my kids every morning when they wake up and want to hug each other, because they have missed one another for that long 13 hours of sleep.

I'm the one who will always have the memories of giving birth and nursing my babies when no one else could give them comfort.

I'm the one who does do all the shopping and cooking, but I'm also the one who goes with the kids to the grocery each week and see who very excited they are to drive the green car cart together.

I'll never understand Matt's love of sports, cars, and all of those other "manly" things that I often find ridiculous. He'll never understand the bond between a mother & daughter, the thrill of putting on new red lipstick, or how reading a book while taking a bath is my ideal of heaven.

I'm all for equality for men & women but some things will never be even. I guess we are so different so we can learn from each other and have some excitement from each other by not being exactly the same.

So next time Matt starts his questions of negotiation I won't snap back, but instead will think too myself....."it will never be Even Steven"....and then I'll let us share our experiences as parents & spouses together and store our separate memories in our memory banks of our very different brains.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I am thankful

For my giggly kids who wake up so enthusiastic........I give thanks.

For my fun husband that I still enjoy spending time with.....I give thanks.

For all of the family that live far away but stay close in my heart.....I give thanks.

For the wonderful, chaotic home I live in......I give thanks.

For the delicious meals we eat.....I give thanks.

For my health and growing happiness.....I give thanks.

For all of the wonderful friends reading this now......I give thanks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

zander helps mama cook night

Our first Zander helps Mama cook night......we made Taco Bowls. We both loved it, I can't wait until next week for our time we cook together! He is quite the little chef!!!

This week's "Turn off the TV Tuesdays" music

This is what we listened to this morning during "Turn the TV Off Tuesday". I may cheat (gasp) this afternoon and watch Days of our Lives or Law & Order while I fold laundry. great musical current :)

1. Kylie Mynogue "Fever"

2. Carole King "The Living Room Tour"
(Kaya LOVED this one, she was snapping her fingers and bobbing her head. Her Grandma Maria would be so proud!)

3. Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces"

4. Matchbox 20 "You or Someone Like You"

5. Joss Stone "Mind, Body, Soul"

crafty insomnia

Oh, to be crafty before the holidays!

Some of my friends always gush and go on about some of the things I create & make (especially in the holiday season) but they don't realize the curse you get from creative craftiness......crafty insomnia.

Here I am, at 4 am typing about all the crazy things going through my mind right now. I have been awake since two just thinking about what I could do, make, and create for the holidays this year. Yes, I'm fully aware that we have not yet reached Thanksgiving. It is a sick obsession that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Here are a few of the very IMPORTANT questions and thoughts jumping around in my brain this morning....

* Should I get premade picture Christmas cards or insert pictures in each card?
* Should I add another border to the backing of Zander's quilt?
* Should I use solid or character print paper for the Santa gifts?
* Wouldn't it be fun to do a Christmas craft every day of December?
* Wouldn't a cookie exchange be fun? And then I thought....."Wouldn't Kaya look so cute in her red dress & snowflake tights when everyone came over to eat cookies?"
* I really think my sweet girls, Katie & Camden, would like something homemade from Aunt Korisa this year.
* Should I make white chocolate truffles or dark chocolate truffles or BOTH?
* What should I get everyone on my list.........this one took a good 20 minutes to think about.....
* What new cookies should I try to bake this year?
* Maybe I could make a shopping schedule to get everything done efficiently!

You get the picture. I have been known to go a little overboard and make myself batty.....hmmmm, wonder why? I do usually get most of the things I have planned accomplished but it is a whirlwind of activity until then. I could say I'm going to stop the madness and not do anything but that really isn't me. I guess I secretly enjoy the madness of my crafty mind. So now I think I'll just go type up my Christmas Card list and make a decision about those pictures! I mean it is 4:30 am on November 20th.....there isn't anything unusual about that.

Monday, November 19, 2007

my baby crafters no.2

Here is the latest craft for the kids in our household........

Pinecone Turkeys!!!

one of the best dates ever!

On Saturday I went out on a date........a very special date......with my sweet baby girl! We got dressed up to go out and do some shopping and have lunch together.

We had a blast eating sushi. Kaya loved the california rolls and miso soup. She also LOVED flirting with everyone and giggling at the lights and fans on the ceiling. She just babbled on and grinned at me the whole time. It was like she knew we were having a special "girls day out"!

I especially loved how she clutched her purse so tightly everywhere we went. Once, when I was buying something, she held up her purse to try to give to the lady checking us out. It was too cute!

I love having a daughter and look forward to more dates with her!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

becoming a bigger, better, me....declaring turn the TV off Tuesday!!!

On my journey to become a bigger, better, me I realized I have the same boring routine every morning. It really isn't a bad routine......just always the same. Give the kids cereal & milk, turn on the news, drink my coffee, start the laundry, clean the kitchen. You probably feel asleep reading the excitement of it!

So yesterday I realized I had not listened to MY music in such a long time. It has been so long that I probably wouldn't recognize most of the music that has been released in the past 2 years. I searched through some CDs of mine ( I know...CDs!!! I do have an Ipod, I just didn't want to mess with it) and found 5 that I love and had not heard in a while. I put them in the CD player, selected random shuffle, and enjoyed the tunes as I carried on with my day.

The best part of the morning was when Zander & Kaya walked out of the playroom with their sunglasses on. Kylie Mynogue's song "Can't Get you Outta my Head" was playing and Kaya toddled out here dancing away and laughing nonstop. That is when I dropped the dishcloth, put on my sunglasses, and the 3 of us danced in our pajamas! That is when I was bursting with happiness and I said to the kids, "I declare Turn off the TV Tuesdays!".

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

coloring, journaling, reflecting

Last night after I ate I was trying to decide if I should clean the kitchen (AGAIN), fold the laundry, or organize my receipts. Suddenly I felt a tugging to go color. It was like my 8th grade self got in my brain and said, "Go color and journal!"
So I did......

I have coloring book that I've owned for a few years that is called Color of a Woman. It was designed to journal in and guide you on a personal soulful journey but I'd only previously enjoyed coloring in it. Last night, I started coloring a page of a woman starting on a said, "Watch out World, Becoming a Bigger and Better Me." As I was coloring, I immediately started writing down my thoughts on the adjoining page about how to be a better me. As I wrote, I felt that 8th grade Korisa emerging again.

You're wondering, "What does she mean by 8th grade Korisa?" I remember in that time in my life I really thought there was nothing wrong with me. I thought I was beautiful, smart, and I would go on to accomplish so many great things. I would write in my journal daily about my hopes and dreams. I was so determined to succeed and live up to my full potential.

Lately, I have felt stuck. Aren't I destined to be more than the maid of my household? I want to stay at home to nurture my children ( and now I realize that means nurturing myself, too). Instead of nurturing them I often feel like a babysitter on a deadline to get the house spotless by the time my husband gets home........which is never accomplished, so then I feel like a failure.

But now I want to be 8th grade Korisa again.......there is more, and I remembered that about myself last night as I colored, journaled, and reflected. I set goals for myself to get back to me again. I really miss that girl!

After I was so deep and thoughtful I then just wanted to color a blank page full of stripes. That was my happy way to think of my friend who loves stripes more than anyone I know. You know who you are!!! I'm so glad I colored that page, every time I look at it I want to laugh as hard as I do when we are together!!!

I look forward to more coloring, journaling, reflecting. My way to get back to me and think of all the things & people I love!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Five Things that made me Happy this week

1. Winning the poker tournament I played with Matt, Michael, & Teri.......I would have been happy if Teri would had one also, it was nice to beat the two Poker Experts!

2. Getting a phone call from my friend Rachel

3. Reading the Sunday paper AND then taking a nap!

4. Matt helping wash the dishes yesterday

5. Kaya & Zander's new game......he climbs on the step of her highchair and they laugh at each other hysterically!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

squeeze, squeeze, squeeze

For the past several months we have loved asking Zander, "How do we get milk from cows?". He always replies, "Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze" while demonstrating with his hands. Because he loves farms and Kaya loves animals we knew taking them to the dairy farm for a tour would be a great time!

Zander loved watching everything and commenting on it all, Kaya had a blast and laughed at everything! I think her favorite was the pig race. They both loved feeding the baby cows and the pony ride also! It was a truly wonderful can see it in the pictures.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

go find a girlfriend

After a very trying day, I went out to enjoy girl's night with the gals in my neighborhood. We had a wonderful dinner, some wine, desserts......and some great chatting went on. I was reluctant to go out, I had so many things to do, but made myself get out of the house. I'm so glad I did!

It was so nice, to sit and talk with some girls. I'm just getting to know some of them and some I met tonight. So it wasn't like I was out with old girlfriends that knew me so well. was still so nice. Do guys experience this, the girlfriend bond? I can always make an instant friend a public bathroom, at the park, in the store......and it always leaves a smiley face in the memories section of my brain! I may never see that gal again but it is always so nice to have that friendly connection for just a few minutes. Do guys get this feeling? I doubt it, I think this is something only we girls understand.

So if any of you are feeling a little down or just being too hard on yourself, go find a girlfriend. Go call someone who you haven't in a while, go have lunch with a current friend, or go knock on that neighbor's door that you've been wanting to meet.
Trust me, girlfriend time is the best therapy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the perfect afternoon: sewing, law & order, and a cold drink

Today I am experiencing my definition of a perfect afternoon......thanks to my mother-in-law & mammaw. They are here watching the kids while I have time to myself in my room.

I'm sewing on my quilt, watching recorded Law & Orders, and drinking my cold beer. I'm going to enjoy this for another few hours before I cook supper.

Yes, Life is Good!

Monday, November 5, 2007

our ky visit.....great times with grandma & grandpa.....and the dogs

The past weekend we traveled to KY to visit with my family for my mom's birthday. It was a wonderful trip but went by way too fast!!!

Zander has always been so excited to visit and see all of their dogs. Here he is up at the crack of dawn to feed the dogs their "dog cookies." He was patiently lugging around the 5 pound bag of treats while waiting for my dad to get dressed to go outside. I always tell him to wait until daylight to go outside but Grandpa can never say no! He was clapping and full of delight to see and feed his dogs so early in the morning!!!

After having a fear of the dogs for a few months, Kaya now is also eager to play. She prefers the puppies however. She just giggles and keeps saying "Ruff, Ruff." Zander likes the puppies too but I think he prefers being knocked down and licked on by the big dogs.

We have said that we wondered what we did with our time before the kids were born. Now, on visits to my parents, we all sit on the porch and enjoy watching the kids walk around outside and play with all the dogs. It is such a simple but delightful way to pass the time. I'm sure whatever we did before this wasn't as precious as watching their faces fill with pure joy while playing with their dogs in the country.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

my latest crafty project and my distracted mind

I thought I should let you know what my latest craft project is. I'm currently making an I-Spy Quilt for Zander. I hope to have this done by Christmas so I can decorate his "Big Boy" room for him.

This quilt has 108 different fabrics in it. I've cut out all of the squares.........I can't even remember how many there were......and I have sewn some of the blocks together.

Tonight, however, instead of working on this enormous project, I've been searching for more quilt patterns to make in the future. Yeah, I always seems to start things with grand ambition and then get distracted by my next creative project!

So, I'm thinking, since I actually announced that I'm going to get this finished by Christmas.......I can do it! I'll keep you all posted on the progress!

In the meantime.........I'll keep lookng online tonight for my next quilt pattern. Maybe I can find one with 200 different fabrics.