Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the bestest day ever

The bestest day ever. That is what we had today.

I am loving the darkness until 8:00 am. Because my kids are sleeping----LATE! Well, late for us anyway.

So the kids came to my bed this morning at 7:30. Zan said, "Mom, should we just watch a show since it is still dark outside and you don't like to get up before dark?" I said sure. And I'm happy, or ashamed, that I've taught him how to turn the TV on and turn it to channel 8 (PBS). I noticed Clifford was on. Which usually means I am thrilled because that means it is after 7:30. And I was thrilled today. But motivated, to get my day started, even if it was dark.

I told the kids, "Mom will go take a shower, you guys watch Clifford in my bed." I can see them from the shower so I at least knew no toilet paper rolls would be stuffed down the toilet or no childproof Benadryl bottles would be magically opened and poured all over the guest bathroom and upstairs hallway.

When I got out of the shower I told them, "After our milks and coffee, we can clean up the bedrooms and playroom.....then, we will go to the Bounce House." I have never seen my kids clean up faster. Oh let me rephrase, I've never seen Zander clean up faster. Kaya wanted to get the toys back out on the floor---so she lost playtime for the first 10 minutes at the Bounce House.

So we actually cleaned up, I put a load of clothes in the laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, and went for the kids day of fun. I was very ambitious by taking my planner and great book I am reading now.

We got there. We were the only ones there. The kids jumped around. I would play for them for 10 minutes or so then say, "Mommy is going to make some phone calls or read." And I actually got some thing accomplished. Things I can't do when the kids are at home with me. I can NOT get on the phone-they see me on the phone and act like crazy people. I would set my phone timer for 10 minutes to go play with them--then set it for 10 minutes to go do what I wanted to do. At home when I do that, they cling to my legs.....talking on the phone is their misery. But at the Bounce House they did not notice. I refilled 5 prescriptions, I called all the teeball parents, and made other calls I needed to make. I also read 2 chapters in my fabulous book......WooHoo!

While we were there, the kids told me that they were hungry. So we went to the lobby to have snacks. While we were there, Zander said, "Thanks Mom. This is the bestest day ever." The owner said, "That is great, doesn't that make you feel good?" I said, "Yes, actually it does.

During this time, I was thinking about the tee-ball party I needed to plan. I had contacted another place. Even with their "discounts" it was going to cost all of us at least $30 each.

So I started talking to the owner at The Bounce House. She gave us such an incredible deal I was stunned! We get to take the kids for $8 each with lots more perks and extras.

I love that place........we may have to go more often!! Yes Zan, it was the bestest day ever!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

dancin' with my babies

I have always been a dancer. Not as good as the So You Think You Can Dance crew by any means. But I love to dance. I always have.

I remember dancing to my parent's old record player. I would dance with my cousin Amy to Ronnie Milsap's "Smokey Mountain Rain." We would spin around in circles to that song until we fell down.

I remember getting in trouble in fifth grade for not paying attention. (And besides that year, I was an excellent student.......straight A's......so, I'm just saying, I don't think it is entirely my fault.) BUT that year I got into a lot of trouble....for practicing my ballet, instead of paying attention in class. ( Once again, I have to say, if the teacher was a good one, I would not have even thought of ballet, if math had been challenging enough.)

Besides my 5th grade experience.......I have always loved dance. I loved being a ballerina. It was my passion for many years. Until my teacher left (and now that I'm older, I realize that she probably left because she was living an alternative lifestyle.....and my small town in KY just couldn't accept that....or she couldn't live in a small town and be happy). I had trained long enough that I was just ready for toe-shoes (pointe-shoes). I longed for them. I could not wait. And my teacher, Ms. Betsy, left.

But my love for dance didn't leave me. Thank goodness I had a dad who could dance pretty well too. We would always do the 50's and 60's dances in the kitchen while my mom tried to cook (she always got aggravated....then, I didn't understand, NOW I do.....no one should be in my kitchen when I cook). I still brag about winning the "Twist" contest in 8th grade---because my dad taught me the right way to do it. I stayed low next to the floor twisting the entire time. My kids will LOVE hearing that story over and over, I am sure.

I continued to love dancing at parties and dances. I still love to dance when I have a couple few many drinks---and an audience.

Me, in 5th grade, at my ballet recital.

So I love to see my kids exhilaration when they dance to the music. Zander's favorite song to dance to is "Mercy" by Duffy with me. Kaya is obsessed with Taylor Swift now and wants to dance every night to just one song before she goes to bed. Then she listens to the music and I'm pretty sure dances all night until she falls asleep. Zander listens to The Beach Boys and I actually caught him one night, dancing in his room, way after bedtime.

My favorite "lesson times" with my kids is when we laugh and sing and dance with utter joy! But sometimes watching those you love the most, dance, is the best. Like a few nights ago when I stuck my head in the door and watched my dear hubby dancing with his daughter. My heart swelled 10,000 times bigger.

I'm slowly learning that being a good mom doesn't mean having the perfectly clean house (and/or children). Sometimes being a good mom just means taking the time to dance with my babies.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

how to make work into a math lesson

Well, another reason I haven't posted pictures lately while I blog is my camera, my new fabulous camera I got for Christmas last year, is not working. And...my other two that worked, but weren't as fabulous---I donated to charity. And...I can't find the receipt anywhere for my new one (I could blame that on my meticulous husband who donates or throws everything away......or I can blame on myself morphing into my dear husband who donates or throws everything away). So, every time I want to take a picture.....I am out of luck.

So---here is my math lesson (without pictures.....sorry.....hope you can follow). Now at first, at Publix, while we were waiting to have subs made for lunch, I took the kids through the Halloween Castle to pick out treats for our friends. I even got paper lunchbags to put them in. I already had plans that the three of us would decorate them beautifully for our trick-or-treaters. But then Matt entered the picture. He said, " I don't know why you think you always have to have the best at Halloween (really, he wonders why I think that). We don't need that much. We don't need bags. That is ridiculous." So I put all of the stuff up. We only got a few treats for the trick-or-treaters. And I hated it I couldn't make my cute bags.

But the next morning I had a plan. I figured out I had over 100 sandwich bags in our pantry......from Aldi.......super cheap! So I put the kids to work. I made a diagram on a white piece of paper that said (or was actually drawn out)....2 pieces of gum, 2 blowpops, 1 bag of M&M's, and then put them in a ziploc with a halloween sticker.

The kids loved their math assignment. I sat there with them and they counted out each perfectly. A perfect math assignment, indeed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

what to do?

I have so missed blogging. I love it. I love sharing myself with you guys and crazily checking my messages to check to see if anyone has read my thoughts. I kind of feel lost without it.

I'll tell you why I've been out of commission. One, I started feeling like total crap a month ago. I had rectal bleeding and so much pain it was ridiculous ( I know for some, tmi, but for the rest of you, you understand). I just had a total hysterectomy a year ago and this new agony depressed me misreably. I was finally feeling great. I even asked for a gym membership for my birthday present. Through this bout I was in the hospital twice. I had many tests. My white-blood-count was extremely high (which showed an infection or something else). I was told I have colitis....which could be triggered by ulcerative colitis or Chrohns disease. 3 doctors thought it looked like Chrohn's. But I had a colonoscopy (which if any of you have had one........bless you, the prep is a nightmare....enough said) and he only saw a hemorrhoid, not Chrohns, not cancer, not ulcerative colitis. So I should be good to go............but I was still having severe pain. I had been in the hospital for 2 1/2 days, when the city was undergoing a severe flood, when the 4th doctor comes in and says, "Oh, maybe it is just gas. Just take some Gas-X." I had been there forever, through numerous tests.......I couldn't believe it. And so, I had a breakdown.

I was crying uncontrollably. I could not take it. It was unreal. I paged the nurse. I wanted to see the doctor. I couldn't believe that was my diagnosis.
The nurse came in and tried to console me. She basically told me to find a doctor I trusted, one who would help me take care of my problems. The doctors there just want to get you in and out. She told me to find a doctor I trust.

So I called Dr. Burton, my doctor that did my hysterectomy. My doctor that delivered Zander. My doctor that helped me through all of my endometriosis problems. He saw me the very next day.

Dr. Burton is the absolute best. He hugs me and cares about my problems. He examines thorougly and always talks about whatever is bothering you. He is like a father figure...........I wish I could nominate him for a prize........he always makes me feel better! He examined me and said yes, I did still have a small intestine infection (but all of the antibiotics I got in the hospital would make me feel better). So I didn't feel crazy.... and he helped me understand that maybe I was anxious or depressed and needed medicine to help that too. I've taken the medicine and I feel great! All of those I love most ( Matt and mom) have seen a great difference in my mood. Dr. Burton was so wonderful when I admitted to him that depression runs in my family and I didn't really want to admit I needed that help also. He hugged me and told me I was really strong for admitting I needed some help.

Even if we aren't religious, I think we all pray........to someone. I feel I pray to my personal God. There are so many religions, beliefs, but I think if you feel it in your soul, He is Your God. Thank You My God for giving me my personal family, my Mom, my Dad, and my own soul.......They help me make me who I am.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

lunchtime conversation

My greatest moments of laughter is usually when I hear the kids conversing with each other and I am not around. This afternoon, I went upstairs to put some clothes in the dryer while the kids were finishing lunch.

I heard Kaya say, "Zander, your new name is Hamster." (She loves to give people new names, my newest name is Hot-peep).

Zander said, "Kaya you can only call me Hamster if you know how to spell Hamster."

She answers, "H. R. D. N. Y."

He then says, "Well, your new name is Rod Stewart."

Kaya, "Who is Rod Stewart?"

Zander replies, "Rod Stewart is one of mommy's best friends."

Hope all of you are having a great day. Hot-peep, Hamster, and Rod Stewart are now going out to enjoy some sunshine!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

halloween countdown tree

Yippee! We are in the month of October and my favorite holiday is right around the corner. The countdown for the big day I made a tree for the kids.

I used a small Christmas tree (if you have a white one, I think it would look even cooler) and decorated with regular twinkle lights and skull lights. I then made 31 little pockets and put stickers in them (2, one for Z & one for K).

They open a pocket each day and put their stickers on their countdown charts. They were so excited to see the tree and look forward to counting down (math skills snuck in there, of course) each day.