Thursday, February 26, 2009

chilly tractor ride

Zander has been begging for snow all Winter.  Unfortunately, we don't get it much down here in Georgia.  Fortunately, we are from Kentucky so we do get chances to see the good white stuff on occasions when we visit.

This past weekend we were all excited to see the snow. 
It was actually too wet to go out and play in it but not too wet to go for a tractor ride with Grandy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hide and seek

I have felt your many thoughts and prayers since the last post.  Thanks also to my wonderful friends and family that emailed me to check on me!  My mood is much better.  The kids are still as rambunctious and well,  typical 2 & 3 year olds, but my patience sees to be much better.  I've decided that my house is gonna look like a preschool circus and trips to go anywhere are going to be an adventure.....and I might as well try to handle it the best I can.
We'll see what mood I'm in by the end of the week...

Here is one of my favorite moments from yesterday.  Zan and Kaya were having a blast playing Hide and Seek.  The don't really have the premise of the game down pat (since they yell at me from their favorite hiding place, "Mom we are hiding in the kitchen closet".)  But they sure giggle and have a great time when I find them.  

How could I say "No" to a good game of Hide and Seek to this face?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

those terrible twos

Okay, dear pals out one cautioned me about this.

I heard tales of warning about the late night feedings, the lack of sleep, the fun night life coming to an end.

And I certainly had more than my fair share of sympathetic faces and questioning looks when I was pregnant with a baby while carrying a 6 month old. (Having kids 13 1/2 months apart definitely raised some eyebrows).

But I had no clue. NOT ONE STINKING CLUE!

When I first became a mom I'll admit...I wondered about the warnings. I was perhaps a little smug about how perfect and wonderful it was to have babies.

Now all of you that warned me and told me how hard motherhood really is are taking a nice, long, chuckle.

I now realize I must just be a baby person. The newborn stages were bliss. How I long to nurse my child every 3 hours, have them awaken me in the middle of the night just to be fed and held, and poop 12 times a day. I had the patience of a saint for that job.

Oh the perfect mother I was then must have taken a vacation.

I just don't even know how to describe it. I feel like I chase my hours and kids all day. I keep running out of time but don't get anything significant accomplished. Having a 2 and 3 year old is HARD. You would think since I have always taught, babysat, and dealt with kids I would be a pro. Heck, I used to work at a preschool and thought it was a dream job. My favorite room was the 2-3 year old room. It was a breeze to watch 7-8 of those kids at a time. I also remember parents asking me for advice for their kids that were stubborn or wouldn't listen. And I would say, "Oh they are really good here. You just have to be is actually developmentally appropriate."
If someone told me that now (especially a young 20-something in college) I would probably punch her in the face.
Either I've really gotten old and lost my patience or it is a totally different story when it is your own kids.

I've read the strategies, made a discipline plan, scheduled fun activities......but, I'm exhausted. Each day I think, I'm gonna post this "moment" for my family and blogging buddies. Then I'm so darn tired I fall asleep or drink a glass of wine.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my kiddos. There are times they make me laugh so hard I can't stand it. There are also moments that they are so stinking cute that I think I should just squeeze them and hug & kiss them to pieces. But there are times that I want to......I just won't type what I sometimes think I could do to my precious kids :).

I am hanging in there. I know this too shall pass. Time will fly by and I'll be wishing for the days that Kaya would screech and wail instead of nap & Zander would decide to talk about his penis in the middle of the grocery store. Until then, say a prayer for me or at least send me a bottle of wine.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

delivering valentines

crafty valentine card

I once saw where you could take an old deck of playing cards to make "Queen of Hearts" valentines.  I went with that idea to make the following valentines for Matt and all of the grandparents.  I inserted the great hand of cards inside each card.  It is especially funny to us because anytime the kids want to do something they will say to us,  "That sounds like a great deal."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

after the storm

May God give you...
For every storm a rainbow,  for every tear a smile,  for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial.  ---Irish Blessing---

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the hardest thing about being a mom

Motherhood is hard.  You go through a lot and have many different emotions.  It is hard to do so much,  love so much,  hurt so much.

Especially when your little ones are sick.  I am sick of us all being sick.  It seems to be never-ending.  After the first 3 years of great health,  no major issues,  we just can't get out of the clenches of the nasty sick bugs floating around.  Zander has pneumonia again.  I know it isn't as threatening as it was in the past......but still pneumonia.  It sounds scary,  even though he is getting better, and until he gets the all clear this mom will be one nervous woman.  

Oh I know it will get better,  woe is me,  but it is draining.  Draining my mind,  body, and soul...  I honestly don't know how mom's with chronicilly ill kids do it.  Next time I see one I need to buy her flowers, lunch, or something.  

So I better be off again.  A little boy wants me to hold him and read some books.  I hope to catch up with you guys soon.....just thought I'd let you know we are here......I haven't disappeared!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

yep, I'm getting older

Last week,  my hubby and I took our first trip alone in years.  For his birthday we went to his favorite place-Las Vegas.  
I remember the first time I went to Vegas.  I was thrilled by the sites,  the colorful demeanor of the people,  the novelty of it all.  I couldn't get enough and couldn't contain my excitement.  We walked everywhere and I found the strip fascinating.  We even walked almost an hour to get cheap margaritas.
That was then.

I get annoyed that there is construction going on and there are so many people handing out stuff to sell.  I say to Matt,  "Is this walk to the restaurant more than 15 minutes?"  By the time we eat and get back I'm saying,  "Oh get me inside away from these crazies."

I don't think I've ever felt older.  
But besides feeling (and I guess actually getting) thing didn't change.  How much I enjoy being with Matt.  This trip helped me remember how funny he is,  how kind and thoughtful he can be, and why I used to want to spend every minute together.  It was nice to be best friends and lovers again,  not just Zander and Kaya's mom & dad.