Saturday, July 3, 2010

a budget birthday

Is it wrong to enjoy being sick so I can lie in bed and do things I, watch tv, read endless crafty blogs which stir up way too many ideas in my head?

Since I am supposed to be resting---and I get winded just by walking around a few minutes---I thought I could take advantage of my "time" in planning the ultimate superhero party for Zan. I can't believe his 5th birthday will be here in a few weeks! As much as I dislike superhero stuff, he loves it, and I'm going to attempt to make the birthday spectacular!

I made the cutest invites with this picture and Vistaprint......which I am not letting myself visit anymore while "resting"---I am seriously addicted to the site.

I have also found SO MANY cute things to buy for the party but decided I am going to make myself make use of the insane amount of craft supplies and fabrics I already have to see how cheap I can make this fantastic party....I shall keep you all posted!

Now I am off to coloring more coloring sheets (out of superhero coloring books just collecting dust in the playroom) for decorations for the party in a few weeks.......since I love to color this is the perfect way to recover from walking pneumonia.......ah---the piece, the quiet, the craftiness, the thriftiness.....