Saturday, June 27, 2009

a date with thomas and his friends

We took the kids today for their first "live" show.  It was at the fabulous Fox Theater here in Georgia.  It was so much fun to be going to a show in the city of Atlanta in the middle of summer with the entire city atmosphere.  Just watching the diversity of people,  the people playing instruments on the corner for money,  the firetrucks at stop-lights honking and waving at the kids was great fun.  I told Matt "Isn't it neat that we live so close to a big city to expose our kids to neat things like this."  And then I said,  "Of course or kids are so spoiled they will probably never know this is a special treat....they think it is the norm."

Anyway,  here are the kids and Matt in front of the theater.  We went to watch Thomas and Friends-Live!  I'd love to say it was the best show ever.  It was for them.  For us....well, come on,  it is Thomas.  The show both Matt & I think is the most boring one on earth.  The live show was much more entertaining than the tv program, thank goodness.  We had a great time!

Here are a few pics......some are blurry and flash photography, of course!

Here is Zan clapping during one of  the songs.  I don't think his eyes every left the stage during the entire show.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

visiting friends

There really is nothing better than visiting friends.  Especially friends that you are so comfortable with that you can do absolutely anything together and enjoy it.
There are some friends I call my "napping friends".  If I'm comfortable enough to nap in the same bed with a friend.....I trust them with anything and know they will never judge me.  Of course it would be nice to have the time to just nap with friends and relax these days......the woes of being a mom. 

I have one wonderful friend,  Rachel, that I love to visit.  She is definitely a "napping friend"---when I was on bedrest with Zan she just came over and crawled into bed with me.  There was nothing I needed more that to have her just hang out with me at that time.  We used to spend tons of time together here but of course she had to move away.  Because I value our friendship so much I try to visit her at least once a year.  We have progressed from teaching together,  partying together, to now being mommies together.

It is fun to go up North for a while.  I love seeing the scenery,  the historic buildings,  the differences in the towns and atmosphere.

It is especially fun to have such a relaxing room to sleep in.  Honestly,  the room I stay in there reminds me of being on vacation on an island.  Okay,  so maybe I shouldn't have aggravated Rachel about her Feng Shei decorating.  Because it is a very calming,  peaceful room.

Eating fresh crabs made for a yummy treat too.
But the best part of the visit was hugging this beautiful friend (and giving her 11 kisses from Zander) and meeting Baby Kyle for the first time.
Seeing this cute face was pretty awesome too.  She loved the princess blanket I made her (in the background of the next two pics).  I honestly have never seen a child so appreciative and excited about a gift.  It was so fun to give it to her!!!

It was also fun hanging out in the backyard.  All of the perennials blooming were so beautiful (not so beautiful for my allergy-stricken head, but oh well).

Each morning I loved torturing Savannah's parents by letting her put make-up on with me.  I'm so proud of her for being a beautiful girly-girl.  Aunt Korisa's job of making her love sparkly,  princess stuff has been accomplished.

Here is sweet Kyle.  Such a perfect baby boy.

And here I am enjoying my golden niece and golden nephew.  I miss them so much already....
I always treasure my time with Rachel,  Shawn,  Savannah, and Kyle.  Can't wait to see you guys again.  xoxoxo

Monday, June 22, 2009

goin' hollywood

I know I originally came from Big Sinking, KY.......and I always dreamed of living in a bigger town........but I never knew I would be going HOLLYWOOD!  Well,  I did secretly dream of going Hollywood when I would jump out of the bath and sing into the mirror while smiling a my pretty self,  "I'm gonna wash that boy right out of my hair", and then I would swish my hair back and forth and say, "You are so beautiful."   And I wonder sometimes......why does my daughter always look in the mirror and say , " I am so pretty."  Yep,  I wonder.

But...we have gone Hollywood around here in Georgia.  It is pretty exciting.  I know I mentioned it before,  but we had a big-budget film,  Five Killers,  filming right here in my neighborhood in Woodstock, GA.  It was rather exciting....

Many of my neighbor friends were quite the paparrazi kids---I need to take lessons because I didn't get quite the shots they did!  I waited too late.  The night I went they said that they weren't letting people in to see the Five Killers shoot as close because too many cameras and their flashes disrupted the shoot.....darn.....
But,  I was lucky enough to see on facebook that many of my neighbors had seen Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, so I had to walk up and get a glance (at 1:00 in the morning).  I walked up,  saw a guy that looked like Ashton (it could have been his stunt double, but I'll just pretend it was him) and zoomed in with my camera.
Wouldn't you know,  my battery died at that second!!!!  It just about killed me.  But I stood there and saw the car crash through the fences.  So very cool......I hope it is in the movie so I can say "I was there when they shot that scene!"

The pictures below are shots I got before the real action,  but it was still pretty exciting.

What is so funny is that now I've heard from so many people about the new TV show being filmed in the neighborhood I previously lived in.  The reality show is causing quite the stir around here....block party.  I really have no opinion about it since I no longer live there.....I actually think it is kind of cool that the 2 places I have lived in since I've been a "real grown-up" have been chosen for entertainment.

Yes,  it is quite exciting.  I'm just a simple girl from South-Eastern KY.  I love the excitement.....well, when it is the right kind of excitement.  Maybe soon the film-makers will want to make a Crafty Korisa sitcom (because you know the life at a stay-at-home mom would make rivoting tv watching) or even better a movie about Big Sinking, KY (the land is beautiful, and the people there are the best you'll ever meet).  

I'm sure either would make a very intriguing  film for all to watch.  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

birthday party season

We have soooo many birthday parties from June-October.  I would complain but my two kiddos fall smack dab in the middle of that party season also.  I'm convinced something is in the air here in Georgia between the months of November-January......way too many birthdays for that not to be the case!

So I was trying to think of something creative,  cute, and fun to give to all of my birthday sweeties around here.  

I came up with this idea.  Fill up large buckets with "outdoor" toys.  My kids loved picking out different things to put inside.

 You can "wrap" your buckets with a colorful beach towel.
And no need for a card.......just write the name on the shovel!
Speaking of birthdays,  we took Zander out today to pick out invitations for his party in July.  I used to meticulously cut and paste and make homemade ones for his parties.......yes,   I'm resorting to fill in the blank.....gasp!

I'm also resorting to just renting out a place for the fun (read,  no set-up,  no clean-up,  no week long preparation for the perfect party).  Not that I mind the work,  I love it.  But Zan wants it that way,  and it is his party.  He also told me he wanted to buy the cake.  That is where I draw the line.  I love my cakes!  And they are so expensive to buy.  At least I can use my creativity in one department for the birthday parties.

So we took him to pick out his theme.  I was encouraging him to pick superheroes or dinosaurs.  I could really make some spectacular cakes with those themes.  I was envisioning a tall building for the superheroes or maybe a volcano with dinosaurs around cool!

But my predictable, serious,  little guy knows what he likes.  And he likes Cars movie.  Let me rephrase that,  he LOVES Cars Movie.  That is our theme-----for the 3rd year in a row........Sigh.....

So another car cake.  Well, we are saving money.......I already have a car cake pan.  I'll try to be creative.  I'm sure it will be fantastic.  Maybe I can talk Kaya into letting her mommy have a more exciting themed cake this year.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

future meteorologist

Anytime I need a weather update I don't turn on the news or check online......I ask my little meteorologist, Zander.

He is fascinated by weather. He loves to watch the weather channel,  gaze out clouds, and point out tornado sirens.  Okay,  he isn't fascinated by sunny, beautiful weather.......just the promise of storms.

So a couple of weeks ago,  when we were in Kentucky and on the boat,  Zander noticed some clouds.

After seeing these clouds (above)  he had a very intriguing explanation.

"Grandpa,  if I know one thing,  the one thing I know is that when the clouds go together there is going to be a bad storm.  I know it that one thing.  Those clouds up there are going to go together and we are going to have a bad storm."

We all just smiled and laughed at him because it was really too cute.  Grandpa then asked him if he wanted to keep riding on the boat.  Zan said,  "No we need to get out of the water and get into the truck quick!"

So our boat ride ended.  And wouldn't you know it, as we started to drive away from the lake,  it started raining.....

Thanks for the tip,  Meteorologist Zander.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a day in the life of me

An often heard question,  "So what has been going on?"

My answer,  "Just taking care of the kids......being a stay-at-home mom."

Sounds simple,  maybe even boring and/or relaxing to some.

As I start to type this I've already heard twice,  "Mommy,  I'm hungry.  I want some more popcorn."

Lets backtrack about an hour.

I heard Kaya waking up and thought (optimistically,  I now know)...I'll get them both a snack,  put a load of clothes, in the washer, and take a quick shower while they watch the beginning of Mary Poppins.

(Just to let you know.......I had to go break up a "fight" right after I typed that sentence.  They were arguing because Kaya is on top of her sleeping bag and Zander wants her inside of it during their "snack & movie time".  Yes,  they both have separate ones.......why does it matter?  Jeez......)

So anyway I go to get Kaya out of bed and a little poopy surprise is waiting for me.  She has been potty-trained for a couple of weeks and I've been letting her sleep in her panties during naptime.  No accidents all week.  None at all until today.  On the clean sheets that I just changed on her bed.  
She obviously needs to be cleaned up.  The wipes are gone.  I suddenly remember they are in the car.  I run down to the car to get them and see that our soccer ball-pit is blowing away in the severe thunderstorm that is coming through.  I rush out to get the pit in the garage and frantically try to pick up the 350 balls that have fallen out of it.  As I'm doing that,  Zander and Kaya are at the back door wailing and screaming.  I run in,  "What's wrong?"  They cry,  "The storm is going to blow you away mom."  I assure them,  "No,  I don't really think the wind can pick mommy up and take me away right now.  I'm going to go get your balls picked can watch right here at the door."

I'm sure the neighbors were laughing hilariously if they saw me out there on the ground rushing to pick up a bunch of balls before I either get struck by lightening,  get drenched in rain, or as the kids say get blown away.  I suddenly realize the kids are no longer crying.  I glance at the door.  
They are laughing.  Why would they be laughing, you ask?  Because they had gotten the sunscreen spray out (of the top of the matter how high up you put things,  they can climb to get it,  very ingenious kids I have).  The spray was covering the door,  the windows, and all of the cloth chairs in our kitchen.
I run in,  confiscate the spray,  and get as many balls as I think I safely can.  I got almost all of them,  only 25 or so are still outside.  I rush back in.  Tell the kids I'm finally gonna get the wipes......Kaya is smelling lovely by this time, yes.   I run to the car, come back inside.........

About 200 of the balls that I just picked up outside are now all over the kitchen floor.  I tell them both to pick them all up if they want popcorn and to use the kitchen towels to clean up all of the sunscreen.

My 30 minutes of laundry and shower time didn't go exactly as planned.

This isn't an unusual 30 minutes in my life.  Just another boring and/or relaxing day.  Yep,  a day in the life of me.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

kentucky beauties

All of my life I've heard,  "Oh you are from beautiful.......almost like God's country."  I always agreed that it is beautiful,  just a lot slower-paced than the lifestyle I wanted to live in.

Boy,  how being on the "faster-paced" side of life can make you appreciate the simple,  beautiful things.  

So after living away from this area for several years I was amazed at the gorgeous scenery I got shots of during my last two visits.  I still love my home where I live now and think it is perfect for my family but think we are extremely lucky to be fortunate enough to visit places this amazing several times a year.

Photos taken at Mill Springs, Kentucky

Photos taken at Big South Fork River

Photos taken at Lake Cumberland---Monticello, KY