Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Maybe it is the cold weather. Maybe it is the sickness that keeps creeping in my house. Maybe it is too many years of staying-at-home. Whatever it is, my mood the past few weeks has been funky---not super. Which got me to thinking, "If I were a supermom, what would I do?"

S--Shower daily. ALONE. Supermom would have her beautiful children engaged in some enlightening, educational activity while she had her daily shower. She would not turn on a show and say "Watch this!" and then be interrupted mid-shampoo because someone needed help wiping.
U--Use time wisely. Supermom would have an organized planned day. She would go forward with her errands and life with such ease. She would not waste time by forgetting where she put something (so she would remember where she put it). She also wouldn't escape her plans by checking facebook 3 (okay 7) times a day just to see what the rest of the world was up to.
P--Pray for Patience. Supermom would remember to say a prayer of serenity each morning right before she stretched up to welcome the glorious morning. She would not stumble out of bed, with the goal to make that coffee as fast as she can. She would deal with whiny baby-talk and wash the vomit-filled sheets with a sparkling smile.
E--Exercise. Supermom would exercise faithfully and be full of energy. She would not think, "Oh, snuggling with Kaya so she will take a nap is so much healthier for me."
R--Read. Supermom would read to her kids at least 20 minutes each day. She would also read for her own pleasure. Okay----check!! I am Super in that area.
M-Memory. Supermom would remember everything. She would not forget to send in field-trip money on time. She also would remember where she put that list she made to help her remember what she needed to do.
O--Only speak with a calming voice. Supermom would speak calmly when correcting those adorable children of hers. She wouldn't want to melt into the floor when her kids were out of control.
M--Maid. Supermom would have a full time maid. Enough said.