Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parade with the family

Every year on thanksgiving I look forward to watching Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I always get teary-eyed when the grand finale of Santa appears. Every. Single. Time. I used to hide it but now just let the tears flow---one of my sappy quirks I've just learned to accept.

But this year was my favorite parade viewing. It is the first year I remember having all of my family together and laughing and actually talking about the parade.

The kids at first grumbled that they had to watch it and not a cartoon but they soon danced to all the songs and got so excited about all the balloons.

I also enjoyed getting my picture made with my quiet, laid back "baby" brother while we giggled and made fun of mom's photo taking---I must say she finally figured out how to take a good shot.

But my favorite moment was when I snapped a picture of them all on the couch---when they didn't know it. The smiles, the play, the being together...that is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. And for that, today, I am most grateful.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

crafty is back!

yep,  that's right,  I'm back!  The new me....the one that has changed so much in the past year that I'm unrecognizable to some. 

The divorce is final.  Finally.  It is time to heal the wounds of all and move ahead.  So many have supported me and some have said they are inspired by my strength.  I laugh when I get that compliment sometimes because I'm not always sure "strong" is the way I would describe myself.  And the few close people I tell everything to, may disagree also on that adjective.

I took a week away from my crazy life to get back to my roots.  To go home again.  To just cherish every second with my parents and my kids (since I don't get to see them every day now) that I can.  To just let go and breathe for a little bit...

That was God's Thanksgiving gift to me.  I've only been away a few days but the reflection, the quiet, the escape has been a rescue to my soul.  I have lots still swarming around in my life that I need to deal with but this time has given me the courage to really look inside myself and see what I desire for myself. 

And luckily for you...or unlucky if you don't want to read my every thought...getting back to blogging is something I desire.  I recall how I used to look forward to every morning or night when I would reflect upon my day and write.  Whether it was deep,  silly, or practical.  I felt like I was sharing with friends.  As I continue down this new journey I want to share again...

One change from the past is I no longer have my fancy camera.  Boo....  But I'm gonna try to figure out how to upload from my phone on here....because sometimes a picture can tell you everything I want to say.  And believe me,  it has been a long time.....and I have LOTS to say.  I can't wait to share and hope you enjoy my ramblings as I create the new crafty korisa.