Sunday, September 6, 2009

my early birthday surprise!!

My birthday is 9 days away but I got a great surprise this Friday for an early new ride!!

I love it. But most of all I loved the sneakiness my hubby used to surprise me. He told me he had a teleconference call at 4:00. He usually gets off work at 4:00 so I was so pissed off his company would make him work before the holiday weekend that late---if anything they should let him get off early!

Well, he did get off early. He was at the dealership getting my surprise. He didn't even tell me. I was so excited to see him at 4:15 I was just hugging him and said lets go out and chat and let the kids play on the play set. Kaya of course wouldn't put her shoes on so I said, "I'll go out to my car and get some shoes. She took them off today and there are some in the backseat." I walked around front and saw this beauty and squealed with excitement!!!
What a fun way to start the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love your new ride!!! You look like a model!!!!! You think they will want you for their next commerical?

RYD said...

Your husband ROCKS! Love the new car (a friend of mine has one and adores it). Congrats! And happy early birthday. You deserve such a wonderful surprise. :)