Sunday, October 17, 2010

hoping they remember this

A few weeks ago I was reading a book to the kids that had a maze in it and they loved doing it---they are definitely in a maze-craze right now. I asked them, "Do you remember the corn maze at the farm we went to the last few years?" They had no clue---they didn't even remember going to a pumpkin patch. It truly surprised me that they had no memory of us going the last 3 years, every year, in the fall.

So they then decided they wanted to surprise their daddy with a trip to the maze. They kept it secret for most of the week besides the one clue K gave her dad, "BIG Corn!" He really thought we were crazy and had no clue what they were so excited about until the last day, when Zan couldn't handle it anymore and spilled the beans!

It was such a perfect day......a corn maze, pony rides,
Sitting on the tractor,

Holding hands with each other to search for their favorite pumpkins.

Here's hoping they never forget this perfect day of fall fun!

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