Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parade with the family

Every year on thanksgiving I look forward to watching Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I always get teary-eyed when the grand finale of Santa appears. Every. Single. Time. I used to hide it but now just let the tears flow---one of my sappy quirks I've just learned to accept.

But this year was my favorite parade viewing. It is the first year I remember having all of my family together and laughing and actually talking about the parade.

The kids at first grumbled that they had to watch it and not a cartoon but they soon danced to all the songs and got so excited about all the balloons.

I also enjoyed getting my picture made with my quiet, laid back "baby" brother while we giggled and made fun of mom's photo taking---I must say she finally figured out how to take a good shot.

But my favorite moment was when I snapped a picture of them all on the couch---when they didn't know it. The smiles, the play, the being together...that is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. And for that, today, I am most grateful.

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