Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my baby crafters

I'm so excited about Halloween that I can't stand it!!! This is the 1st year both Zander & Kaya can actually walk around and trick or treat. I've been brainwashing them for the past month about how wonderful Halloween is. Kaya, who is just learning to talk, actually says "Boo" when she sees a ghost, witch, or pumpkin. We listen to WeeSing for Halloween all the time. Zander constantly asks, "Halloween, PLEASE?" to listen to all the songs.

In my love for crafting and Halloween we made these pumpkin bags yesterday. I had them recite the fingerplay "Five Little Pumpkins" with these on. Well, try to recite......Zander does a few words, Kaya just points her finger at us and then goes "Run, Run, Run." Of course, they refused to do it for the video camera. I've tried to record it in my brain so when they both are so old they don't want mama around on Halloween, I can just smile fondly at the memory.

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