Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the hardest thing about being a mom

Motherhood is hard.  You go through a lot and have many different emotions.  It is hard to do so much,  love so much,  hurt so much.

Especially when your little ones are sick.  I am sick of us all being sick.  It seems to be never-ending.  After the first 3 years of great health,  no major issues,  we just can't get out of the clenches of the nasty sick bugs floating around.  Zander has pneumonia again.  I know it isn't as threatening as it was in the past......but still pneumonia.  It sounds scary,  even though he is getting better, and until he gets the all clear this mom will be one nervous woman.  

Oh I know it will get better,  woe is me,  but it is draining.  Draining my mind,  body, and soul...  I honestly don't know how mom's with chronicilly ill kids do it.  Next time I see one I need to buy her flowers, lunch, or something.  

So I better be off again.  A little boy wants me to hold him and read some books.  I hope to catch up with you guys soon.....just thought I'd let you know we are here......I haven't disappeared!

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