Tuesday, February 3, 2009

yep, I'm getting older

Last week,  my hubby and I took our first trip alone in years.  For his birthday we went to his favorite place-Las Vegas.  
I remember the first time I went to Vegas.  I was thrilled by the sites,  the colorful demeanor of the people,  the novelty of it all.  I couldn't get enough and couldn't contain my excitement.  We walked everywhere and I found the strip fascinating.  We even walked almost an hour to get cheap margaritas.
That was then.

I get annoyed that there is construction going on and there are so many people handing out stuff to sell.  I say to Matt,  "Is this walk to the restaurant more than 15 minutes?"  By the time we eat and get back I'm saying,  "Oh get me inside away from these crazies."

I don't think I've ever felt older.  
But besides feeling (and I guess actually getting) older.....one thing didn't change.  How much I enjoy being with Matt.  This trip helped me remember how funny he is,  how kind and thoughtful he can be, and why I used to want to spend every minute together.  It was nice to be best friends and lovers again,  not just Zander and Kaya's mom & dad.  

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Jenny Ellen said...

welcome home! we must plan our next trip to vegas together.