Sunday, December 2, 2012

My little angel

My little angel...well she doesn't always act like an far. She's often called my "mini-me" when she is at her I, or was I really THAT crazy?

But even though she is rowdy, out of control , NEVER stops singing or talking, she LOVES God. Always has---from a small child.

I'd like to say her faith comes from me taking her to church and Sunday school every week in her life . But it doesn't . When I was married we never went to church ...she went in ky when we visited and to Bible School once a year...and the little bit I taught her at home with me. Not a strong foundation , for sure.

But she has always believed. Zan. On the other hand---not so much. He grumbles and complains EVERY time we go to church . He doesn't believe because he can't "see" God. I still remember one time we went after an awesome worship song and Kaya looked at me and said "how can Zander not believe in God after that? I think we should just pray for him mom."

So my little angel worked on my heart a little this weekend.

It was my weekend with the kids ...which I always look forward to...but it was also the Friday night for the daddy-daughter dance at her school. And I was slightly pissy at my luck--why does it fall in my weekend..blah,blah,blah.... But I curled her hair, fixed her up "fancy", and got her ready for her first fancy dance. After she was ready I fixed dinner and caught her "praying" ( I snapped a picture of course). I asked, " What are you praying about?". She said "I'm thanking Jesus for a mom that makes me look pretty and a dad I can dance with tonight.".

She had a blast and zan and I had fun with our time together. We also had fun together Saturday . Probably too much fun. Ball games, gym time, play date, Christmas lights...I was exhausted !!! So exhausted I didn't set my alarm for church . We could skip this week-no big deal!

But at 8 am I felt a sweet little kiss on my cheek and someone saying ,"mom, shouldn't we get up and get ready for church...or did we already miss it?". So I got up, texted my friend Kim ( who also felt lazy like me today) and we all went to church .

So glad we did. Was one of the best messages I've heard ever. Like it was written just for me.

I've often joked K was going to grow up to be a missionary (if she finds time in between being a rock star and publix worker) but maybe she is already doing that. She was a missionary to her slacker mama today..

I'm so grateful for my spunky, sassy little angel ...

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