Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What we "want" or what we "need"

I have been happy as a clam all week...I have my kids, uninterrupted, for a whole week for Winter Break...being back in full-time mommy mode -although exhausting, is heavenly!

Except I have to work. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my is awesome but I miss my kids and I kinda felt guilty that their time with me would be a majority of time while I was working. However...I'm SO grateful I have a job they can go with me to. They usually want to just stay with me and my 4-5 year olds even though there is an awesome program for their age 3 rooms away...

I was gonna have my mom come down and take them to they wouldn't have to do "daycare". But I got selfish...I want them with me during the nights and I made them stay.

At first they complained...but I said " you can stay with me in my class.". But middle of the first day, my boss said "sorry they have to go with their class, other teachers kids want to stay with them and they can't.".

I was so worried about Zander, not kaya...she makes friends anywhere. But he cried and was so scared. But I made him do it. His first day was scary but he survived.

The next day, he complained but I would peek in the window and see he was ok. My assistant was in his room a few hours and said ," yeah I see what you're saying. He will just sit by himself and kaya is fine with anyone."

And further in that day...he made a friend. And the next day, he made 3 more new friends. So many friends he is mad at me that he didn't get to stay the WHOLE day.

Tomorrow they go skating for a field trip... Zander has complained and cried saying " he hates skating !". I think he was tonight I was shocked when he took a shower and put on his field trip shirt to sleep in and told me "make sure you set the alarm mom, we need to get there early!".

Not what I think he or I wanted earlier this week...but making him push out of his comfort zone ( and mine, if I'm honest...worrying about him) was EXACTLY what we both needed!!!

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