Monday, January 14, 2013

Early morning duties

My kids. They are lovely. They go to bed easily. They sleep well.

Problem is ....which is ironic, how many years when they were babies did I want them to sleep later, they don't want to get up.

I take that back. Zander always gets up. That is the one trait he gets from me. We wake up....we are up. Kaya on the other hand, thinks she is a princess that should wake up on her own time.

My daughter takes after me a lot. We just face life, take the punches, and giggle. Y sweet little son...has a few traits of mine. The dimples and obsession with books...thought that was about it.

Until today. It was a rainy morning. Who wanted to get up and face it? Not me---for sure. Zan---same thing....the 2 early birds were thinking, "why does anyone have to get up and start their day in this mess?"

I turned on the light. I said "wake up". Mom's taking a shower...go take yours. It's a race...let's see who wins...". That is our normal routine. Princess takes her shower at night---I would rather slit my wrists than try to get her showered AND dressed in the mornings ... So I thought everything would be fine...

Then I hear a scream. A wailing scream...while I'm in the shower...I jumped out, ran to zan's room and he is crying..."I have no shirts to wear mom..."

Really? Do you see the picture? This is just one drawer. He has another full of shirts and a laundry basket full. He is in hysterics!!!

I finally said.." Just pick out a shirt and you can blowdry your own hair.". He smiled and put on a shirt...after he threatened to not wear a shirt, just a jacket, because he had nothing to wear.

The kid LOVES his long hair. That is one of the few things his dad and I agree on--the kid needs a haircut. But he refuses . I told him we could keep it long if it is dried and styled each day. Which he hates.

But he doesn't hate doing it himself. Happy as a lark.

Yep. I see a little bit of him in me when in comes to clothes and hair....sometimes you just want to make your own place and style in this world....I totally get it and makes life happier for both of us .

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