Wednesday, January 21, 2009

feel better soon cupcakes

The first day after the kids' doctor's diagnosis,  I felt so terrible for them.  They were so weak and helpless.  So I thought I should make them some cupcakes and should have a get-well-soon party.  That was Day 1 of staying at home sick.....not sure I'm that nice now on Day 6.  

We did have fun, however.   The kids even enjoying decorating some too.

Here is their finished products....not too shabby, I say!


Jenny Ellen said...

It continues to amaze me the way you face all of your challenges with such positive energy. I am tired for you and inspired by you all at the same time. I miss you tons.

RYD said...

Would you please come over and be my mommy when I'm sick? Those cupcakes ROCK! I hope your kids feel better soon. Mind had the stomach flu (as you may have read) and Lily said to me today, "Mom, I really don't like being sick." Um, yeah, no kidding.