Saturday, January 10, 2009

WARNING.....don't swallow baby powder

Tonight as I was putting Zander to bed,  we struggled to get his pajama drawer open and closed (because his dear mommy has not emptied the drawer of his too small pajamas yet).  So I said, "Zander,  tomorrow you and mommy need to clean out this drawer."

Of course,  that statement was followed with "But mom,  don't get rid of all of my favorite ones."

So I told him we would go through and find the ones too small and give to another boy that doesn't have as many pajamas.  Then I remembered the upcoming arrival of my nephew (yippee...I can't wait until May to spoil him rotten) and said, "Maybe we can bag them up and save them for your new cousin,  the baby Uncle Michael and Aunt Teri are having."

And that is when the discussion about babies began.

"Is the baby in Aunt Tee-Tee's belly, mom?"
"Yes,  it is in her belly until it grows enough to come out."
"Well, maybe the next time Aunt Tee-Tee visits I can get in her belly and talk to my baby cousin."
"Well, you can't get in her belly, Zander.  Just her baby."

"So how does the baby get in there, mom?" (This is when I thought,  am I really discussing this with my 3-year old).

So I just answered, "Well,  when a man and woman decide to have a baby, the baby grows inside the mommy's tummy."  Hoping this was the end of the explanation.....I was not prepared for the next statement from Zander.

"Mom,  I think Aunt Tee-Tee must have swallowed some baby powder and that is how she got the baby in her belly."

You know,  that does seem to make more sense than the whole stork story.


JonDavid and Karissa said...

KID's are brilliant! Aren't they? I love these kind of conversations!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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