Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a new friend from our nature walk

Going on nature walks with my kids is always fun. Especially when they make friends along the way. Here they are meeting a family of beetles on the sidewalk.

Kaya was particularly fond of one beetle. She describes her as "her new best friend."

Now her new best friend, named Kaya Beetle, lives with us. And yes, she carried and squeezed and loved on Kaya Beetle so much that it isn't even alive anymore. I think it is funny that she has not noticed that yet.

Kaya Beetle stays in a glass that Kaya carries around. Kaya Beetle even sat at the dinner table last night. And Kaya rushed to say "Good Morning!" to her new best friend first thing this morning.

Since she is so affectionate towards a dead beetle I can only imagine what other critters will find a place in our home through the years.

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Michael said...

I will send new BFF to Kaya every month. Snakes, lizards, turtles and roaches are already one the list.