Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the bestest day ever

The bestest day ever. That is what we had today.

I am loving the darkness until 8:00 am. Because my kids are sleeping----LATE! Well, late for us anyway.

So the kids came to my bed this morning at 7:30. Zan said, "Mom, should we just watch a show since it is still dark outside and you don't like to get up before dark?" I said sure. And I'm happy, or ashamed, that I've taught him how to turn the TV on and turn it to channel 8 (PBS). I noticed Clifford was on. Which usually means I am thrilled because that means it is after 7:30. And I was thrilled today. But motivated, to get my day started, even if it was dark.

I told the kids, "Mom will go take a shower, you guys watch Clifford in my bed." I can see them from the shower so I at least knew no toilet paper rolls would be stuffed down the toilet or no childproof Benadryl bottles would be magically opened and poured all over the guest bathroom and upstairs hallway.

When I got out of the shower I told them, "After our milks and coffee, we can clean up the bedrooms and playroom.....then, we will go to the Bounce House." I have never seen my kids clean up faster. Oh let me rephrase, I've never seen Zander clean up faster. Kaya wanted to get the toys back out on the floor---so she lost playtime for the first 10 minutes at the Bounce House.

So we actually cleaned up, I put a load of clothes in the laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, and went for the kids day of fun. I was very ambitious by taking my planner and great book I am reading now.

We got there. We were the only ones there. The kids jumped around. I would play for them for 10 minutes or so then say, "Mommy is going to make some phone calls or read." And I actually got some thing accomplished. Things I can't do when the kids are at home with me. I can NOT get on the phone-they see me on the phone and act like crazy people. I would set my phone timer for 10 minutes to go play with them--then set it for 10 minutes to go do what I wanted to do. At home when I do that, they cling to my legs.....talking on the phone is their misery. But at the Bounce House they did not notice. I refilled 5 prescriptions, I called all the teeball parents, and made other calls I needed to make. I also read 2 chapters in my fabulous book......WooHoo!

While we were there, the kids told me that they were hungry. So we went to the lobby to have snacks. While we were there, Zander said, "Thanks Mom. This is the bestest day ever." The owner said, "That is great, doesn't that make you feel good?" I said, "Yes, actually it does.

During this time, I was thinking about the tee-ball party I needed to plan. I had contacted another place. Even with their "discounts" it was going to cost all of us at least $30 each.

So I started talking to the owner at The Bounce House. She gave us such an incredible deal I was stunned! We get to take the kids for $8 each with lots more perks and extras.

I love that place........we may have to go more often!! Yes Zan, it was the bestest day ever!!!

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Tiffany said...

We have our version of the Bounce House in Greensboro which is about 30 mins. north of here. I plan to take Kaylee once the swine flu epidemic leaves the area. I'm glad your kiddos had "the bestest day ever". They are growing up too fast!