Wednesday, October 21, 2009

how to make work into a math lesson

Well, another reason I haven't posted pictures lately while I blog is my camera, my new fabulous camera I got for Christmas last year, is not working. other two that worked, but weren't as fabulous---I donated to charity. And...I can't find the receipt anywhere for my new one (I could blame that on my meticulous husband who donates or throws everything away......or I can blame on myself morphing into my dear husband who donates or throws everything away). So, every time I want to take a picture.....I am out of luck.

So---here is my math lesson (without pictures.....sorry.....hope you can follow). Now at first, at Publix, while we were waiting to have subs made for lunch, I took the kids through the Halloween Castle to pick out treats for our friends. I even got paper lunchbags to put them in. I already had plans that the three of us would decorate them beautifully for our trick-or-treaters. But then Matt entered the picture. He said, " I don't know why you think you always have to have the best at Halloween (really, he wonders why I think that). We don't need that much. We don't need bags. That is ridiculous." So I put all of the stuff up. We only got a few treats for the trick-or-treaters. And I hated it I couldn't make my cute bags.

But the next morning I had a plan. I figured out I had over 100 sandwich bags in our pantry......from Aldi.......super cheap! So I put the kids to work. I made a diagram on a white piece of paper that said (or was actually drawn out)....2 pieces of gum, 2 blowpops, 1 bag of M&M's, and then put them in a ziploc with a halloween sticker.

The kids loved their math assignment. I sat there with them and they counted out each perfectly. A perfect math assignment, indeed.