Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for "dishes"

Chores. Really, who enjoys them? I am not the greatest housekeeper in the world but I try to keep it together as much as I can.

But a few months ago, being the stay-at-home mom and primary housekeeper, the lack of respect from my kids for all the chores was driving me crazy. I would work like crazy and they would follow along and work like crazy to mess it all up!

So the introduction of the chore chart began. Each day the kids were responsible for 3 chores. We did this faithfully for about 3 weeks then with the craziness of life I forgot to keep it up!

But they still do chores (I guess the "chore-system" worked after all). Now all I have to say is, "Go make up your bed." "Go pick up your toys so mom can vacuum." And they do it......most of the time.

But the new chore they love the most is helping me wash dishes. Which is ironic, because that is the chore I despise the most. I HATE washing dishes. And I HATE putting dishes away. If I could hire a little fairy to do those jobs every day, I would be in heaven.
I remember when I was 11 or 12, that chore became part of my daily life. I HATED it! I remember telling my mom once, "You only had me so I would wash your dishes. I will NEVER make my kids wash dishes."
I still don't like to do it. I will cook a feast for an army but I hate the clean-up. A couple of my friends that come over for playdates or parties always do the dishes for me (and I love them dearly for it!). I will cook for you........but I never volunteer to wash the dishes unless necessary.

So, gulp, yep, I'm eating my words. Not only are my kids washing dishes......they are doing it at 3 and 4 years old. They do a great job, too! It is amazing....they actually fight over who gets to help wash dishes each night. It has become a kind of game. Whomever acts the best during dinner, gets to wash the dishes. I'm dumbfounded. They love to do it!

And now, after 20 years of hating getting my hands in that soapy, greasy water.....I love it too. I'm thankful that my kids love doing dishes so much. It makes that chore quite a bit more cheerful! Especially when Kaya says (everytime), "Mom, washing dishes with you is my favorite part of the day." And last night Zander said, "Mom, Kaya was right. This is really a lot of fun."

You both are right kids, it is a lot of fun. And spending time with the two of you when we wash dishes is my favorite part of the day too.


RYD said...

It is an absolute shame we don't live near each other - you are my kind of mom! Good for you for giving your kids the gift of self-esteem and responsibility. Of course, as a former teacher, you already knew that. :)

Jenny Ellen said...