Sunday, November 1, 2009

fun with my girls

You know, every once in a just have to let it loose with the girls!

That is why I love book club. Or the ideal of book club......I'm usually the nerd and always read the book ready to answer the questions.

A few years ago, a good friend of Matt's, Myloan, invited me to a book club. I remember I read the book front to back, read the discussion questions so I could answer them correctly, and I went. I DID think it was a little strange that all the names were kind of different (0r asian, honestly) so I did say to Matt, " I have to study hard, or all of these girls that are Asian are going to think I'm one stupid white girl."

So I went to my first book club. The girls were so cute, they said, "Did you read the book?" I said, "Of course I did." They laughed and asked for my review of the book so they could participate in the conversation. I was astonished that I was actually contributing something to the conversation. They also had food. Food with peanuts (that I'm severely allergic to)...but I didn't want to stand out so I put the food in my mouth, discreetly spit it out, and took 3 benadryll pills. Now that I know the girls better.....I know that was crazy! I just wanted to fit in....with my Asian Book Club.

We met a few more times and I was so proud, I was the only white-token girl in the Asian Book Club---that must mean they like me!!! We had lots of fun times and I became great friends with lots of girls in our club!!

But then......many of us got pregnant, traveled a lot, got busy.........our club kind of went out of business.

So, I moved to my great neighborhood and another great book club formed. We have had a blast! We read our books, discuss, and drink LOTS of wine! Us girls have gotten really close!

Our last meeting, at Steph's house, we talked about doing a "spooky" meeting........or a Falloween meeting ( my favorite holiday I invented at my house). I said, invite any friends and I will invite my girls from my Asian Book Club since I miss them so much!

We did it. The book I picked out was a boring, none of us read it. A few of us could come from the "neighborhood" gals and a couple from my Asian gals. But we had fun....Here we are---the Falloween gals---

With the masks.........
and you can see our beautiful faces!
Since we didn't read the book, I made questions we could discuss.......(like we all need a reason to talk).

I love all of you ladies.........thank you for hanging out with me and making life so fun!!!

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