Thursday, January 14, 2010

if you wanna stay up late

Once a week my dear husband goes to play in a racquetball at the gym at night. On those nights, Kaya usually goes to bed very easily. Zander does about 30% of the time. Lately, he has it in his head that he can't go to sleep unless Daddy is at home. I don't know why, since he would be in bed and not see him anyway.

So last week he kept getting up. And kept getting up. Usually I just walk him back and say it is bedtime. Go to sleep. Do not get up.

But that night I really wanted to finish cleaning the kitchen. I didn't have time to keep escorting him back to his room. Or time to argue with with him about why it was bedtime.

So I let him stay up late. On one condition---help me clean.

I have to say he is much more thorough at cleaning the floor. Probably because he sits there and wants to get every speck of dirt up. I do it so much that it isn't so exciting for me, I just want to get it done!

He also got a shelf mirror clean in our living room that had looked awful. So bad that we were thinking of replacing it. Now it sparkles!!!

So my agreement with him "If you wanna stay up late, you have to do chores", worked out well for both of us. What chores can I have him do next time?

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