Friday, February 19, 2010

snow day

Last week when areas of the country that rarely have snow got covered, we actually got some of the white stuff. I was pretty sure this would be all we would see so I let the kids run out and enjoy it while playing dress-up. Now I notice what a crazy mother I am since they are not wearing coats......we were caught up in the moment of catching snowflakes. But after a snuggly nap and watching the movie, SnowBuddies, we saw some thick snow!

Thick enough for a snowangel!
Fluffy enough to slide down the hill in...
Enough accumulation to make a snowman!
And Zan's favorite.....plenty for a snowball fight!
We enjoyed our Winter Wonderland. I'm sure we enjoyed it because we haven't been stuck in it all Winter. It was a beautiful sight!

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