Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My ray of sunshine

This girl is insane...that's why the house is so scary, creepy quiet when she isn't here.

This Christmas was hard...really hard . But I made it through and am so ELATED I get my kids a full week with no interruptions.
But what makes it special now? My
kids...my crazy wild kids.especially kaya...she giggles like crazy. She just makes my life fun.

What did we do today? Absolutely nothing important---we snuggled, we tried to nap..my house needs to be reorganized---I have stuff I need to do. But she just makes me laugh...nonstop. So organizing can wait...

Her newest "game" is to sing out lyrics of anything I say ...and then she just giggles which makes me giggle .

I love her spirit. Everyone says she is my mini-me. I sure hope so---I'd like to get that back. Especially this morning when I had to tell her a "secret". I whispered to her"you are the most beautiful, amazing girl I know...". She just looked at me and said "I know that---you tell me that every day.". And that made me smile...and I fondly remembered my own Mom telling me that all the time...

Hopefully I'm passing down the self confidence to this little gal that I had growing up. And hopefully I can tap into it myself and get it again myself.

Tell your girls daily how awesome they are...even if they are driving you crazy...it does make a world of difference...

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