Saturday, December 20, 2008

catching up

Is it really December 20th? Did the month really fly by that quickly?

I feel like I've been in a haste since the day after Thanksgiving. Rushing around, working is almost a blur.

I had to get ready for all of our Christmases by yesterday since we were going on our yearly whirlwind trip in Kentucky. All of this week I've been saying, "I have two days (or one, whatever) until Christmas, not seven."

But everything got finished. I did it. Now it is time to catch up.

Time to catch up with family.
Time to catch up with playing with my kiddos with no time limitations.
Time to catch up on sleep because grandparents love getting up with Zander and Kaya ( I had 9 hours last night...........heavenly).
Time to catch up on blogging (which I have truly missed sharing my thoughts with you).

It is so nice to actually prepare for Christmas so early and to have these moments with my family to enjoy. I look forward to sharing some of our favorite moments with you soon.

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