Monday, December 1, 2008

looking forward to some relaxation....

I am so looking forward to going to Kentucky this week to spend time with my parents.  The kids are eager to go to--they know grandpa and grandma will find everything they do hilarious,  without mom being as strict!

The past few days I've been running around like a crazy chicken with its head cut off to try to get all the Christmas decor up,  do some "fun activities" with the kids,  and "clean" the house well enough for real cleaners to come finish the job.  
I know a few months ago I was wishing I had the capabilities to physically do all of these things.  Now that I do,  I'm dog-tired.  Last week I kept wondering why the doctor said, "It could take you up to six months after your surgery to feel like yourself again."  I was bursting with energy.....doing so many things....except vacuuming ( I quickly learned why it is suggested NOT to do that after a hysterectomy so soon).  And then,  like my crazy self,  I decided to do way too much in way too little time.

But the night is almost over and I'm gonna let that last load of laundry just sit in the dryer until I get home.  I'm also going to wait to put up my big nativity scene (I already have one up, for pete's sake).  And I'm going to take my Christmas Card stuff up to my mom's to finish the cards (besides me,  who else handcrafts 130 cards.....I think I can send them out a little later than the first week of December).  And if I don't ever get them finished---that's okay too.

Other news....I may or may not be blogging this week.  For one,  our search for the camera didn't go as planned.  So, I'm still trying to work with a dysfunctional one.  But,  I did get some pictures of my advent activity I'm doing with the kids I'll try to share.  I got the pictures by sticking a knife down into the battery compartment and jiggling it,  don't ask--it is too sad for my camera these days.    I'll try to post those in the morning before I leave.  Or I may go ahead and get on the road, and do that task later,  as I head to Grandparent Land.....where I can take some little breaks in the day...

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