Wednesday, December 10, 2008

childlike giddiness

I truly believe the month of December is the fastest one of the year.  In the midst of preparing the perfect flies by.  I've been thinking of great moments that have happened this week that I wish I could find the time to reflect upon and post about but the minutes, hours, and days speed by.  I'm getting less sleep (still preparing for that perfect Christmas) doing much more (preparing for the perfect Christmas) and still it seems like there is less time to do all that I enjoy.

By preparing for the perfect Christmas it seems like life is on crazy fast-play on a tivo recording.  It is rather ironic that the message I was trying to convey in my homemade Christmas cards is one I need to listen to myself.  I wrote a poem for my dear family and friends that I'm sending cards to (the sad part is I'm still working on all of these cards.....I think I'll finish them by tomorrow.....after a month of cutting and pasting & staying up into the wee hours of the night).

But as I looked over these pictures I wanted to share,  the poem came back to mind.

May your heart be filled with sweet moments of play,
Innocent joys throughout the season's busiest days.
May your heart imagine of wondrous things to be,
Or special moments of friendship shared with a cup of tea.
Allow your heart to share freely with the ones you are with,
Let is sing joyfully for those you miss.
Give your heart the chance to gallop, dance, or sing...
And embrace the childlike giddiness the season can bring.

I experienced one day this week that captures the spirit and love I was trying to wish everyone else to have.  I spent the morning with two dear friends that I used to teach with and their beautiful children.

This is what Christmas should be about.  Loving your friends,  sharing moments with them, and watching your families blend together and have the perfect play-times with each other.

Thanks Kara and Stephanie for your friendship and to your precious children who bring childlike giddiness to my Christmas season.  

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