Monday, December 1, 2008

christmas countdown

I had grandiouse visions in my head of two very cute fabric/felt advent calendars shaped like elves that I was going to hand-stitch for my kiddos.
My mom used to do this for us. The countdown calendar she made was cross-stitched. I loved the excitement of a small treat each day of December! I even took it to college. I remember friends coming over to my dorm room to see what I got for the day.

So I really wanted to start this tradition with my kids.

Then I saw the idea of counting down with bags from Wondertime magazine. They just put the number on the outside and hung on ribbon. I decided to go a step farther and decorate each bag with a photo from past Christmases. I then mod-podged (which I'm totally addicted to now.......I'm looking for things around the house to mod podge) the photos to the craft bags to give each sepia colored photo even more of an antique look.

The kids were so excited to open their first bags!

I attached garland to my banisters and paper-clipped the bags to it.

I love the look of the bags and how the decorate the house. I look forward to filling them up each year with treats!

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