Saturday, May 23, 2009

busy in love

Sorry all.........I won't be writing for a few days.

Instead I'll be relaxing in Kentucky with the family. And when I'm not relaxing I'll be holding and rocking my new nephew, Brody Dawson. The most beautiful, sweetest, little boy. He is.....perfect. I truly think my heart grew 5 times bigger when he was first placed into Aunt Korisa's arms.

I don't have pictures uploaded to share but I'll put some on when I get home. You must see him. I must see him again soon today. His mom and dad are going to get sick of me, I'm sure. How wonderful to be so busy falling in love with such a sweet little guy.

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Jenny Ellen said...

being an aunt is the BEST! congrats and hug that sweet brody baby for me.