Wednesday, May 20, 2009

camden and the toy war

We had so much fun at Camden's 2nd birthday party!!!  It doesn't seem like she could already be that old!

The kids loved the caterpillar cake (made by Ben).  I'm glad to see my child isn't the only one who always ends up with icing everywhere!
The birthday girl did a great job with that too......

I had a lot of fun picking out a gift that is sure to win a prize in the toy war with Ben.  Ben has loved getting my kids things like a huge tent,  a instrument set....He was nice enough to not get Kaya anything obnoxious for her birthday this year (I think because I was in so much pain before my surgery).  But now I feel great again,  I thought I'd stir things up again.

Oh I must say I've had lots of fun getting glittery clothes and makeup for Katie in the past.  He really loved the beads and jewelry set.....
But this might just be my favorite purchase in the war.

The Wonderpets inflatable sailboat that holds many balls.  I told Zander and Kaya when we went shopping to pick out something that we needed to get something big or loud.  Zander even reminded Kaya of that when she wanted something else for Camden.  He said,  "Kaya that isn't big or loud.  Remember what mom said.....we need to pick something else."

Although the ball pit technically doesn't make noise,  the kids inside made lots of I'm very happy with the results.
Camden was very happy too.......and that is what matters most even if I don't win the toy war.
All 3 of the kids were so tired after playing so hard..........good times......


Sue said...

I love this post! Especially since I haven't been able to put any of my own up yet :) Your pics are great. I'm so glad we got to hang out all night...thanks to Mattie :) (and your persuasiveness!)

Miraz said...

and of course the parents will have loads of 'fun' picking up the balls every time the kids dump them out !