Thursday, June 12, 2008

like a movie

Do you ever get the weird feeling that your life could be a scene played out in a movie?
The really mushy feel-good scene......where everyone sits back and dreams that life could only be so perfect.

For me, that happened last night.

Matt was out playing racquetball so I had bedtime duty to myself. I usually take Kaya up first while Zander watches Handy Manny or plays downstairs and then I repeat the process with him.
Last night, however, I had the inkling to do something different.
It was a dark, stormy night and I wanted to put on my pajamas by six and just relax (although I often, and usually do that even when it isn't dark and stormy......just trying to set the stormy mood). So I suggested that instead of reading 3 books each to them separately lets grab a pile of books to read together in mommy's bed.
The kids were getting ready to put on their jams too and decided they wanted to trade. I think it is remarkable that they can now wear the same clothes, Kaya's jams actually fit Zander better than her. So I let Zander put on her least girly ones (I refused his request to wear the princess jams) and Kaya donned his Cars Movie pajamas. This just set the mood for the two of them to be silly.

They ran, they screeched, they jumped on the bed, they giggled........they just loved each moment of each others' company.

I finally convinced them to calm down and read. They enjoyed reading "by myself, Mom" before I started narrating the stories. I love holding them both in my lap and reading to them as I kiss their soft little heads and cheeks.
What a wonderful life it is......


JennyB said...

I am back! And happy to see you so happy and giggly and fun. Adam has been out of town and the kids and I have had snugggle up time every night. It is a surprise to get this kind of fun with them now that they are "big kids."

RYD said...

Hi Crafty! I just had to check out your site - it's great! Your kids are absolutely adorable. I could feel the happiness and excitement through those photos. :)

Amy said...

Kelsie loves when Shannon works 2nd or 3rd shift because she gets to fall asleep in Mommy's bed. I was snuggling and hugging her tight the other night and she asked why are hugging me so much? I told her because I just love you very much, but what I was really thinking to myself is I am trying to make up for all the times when I am too busy to snuggle and hug with her at night time.