Monday, June 9, 2008

sweet southern sue

Sometimes we are blessed with rare, wonderful friendships. The friendships that you know will last forever......through all of life's joys, dramas, and sufferings. I'm so glad I have that gift in my friend Sue.

Eight years ago we started working together as 5th grade teachers. I was in awe of her talent as a teacher and crazy about her way to make me feel so comfortable and happy all the time. We soon became close buds. Luckily, our husbands seemed to really enjoy each other too. So we had the perfect couple relationship going on.

And less than a year after we meet.....they decide to move. Not across town, across the country (well, rather up the country). I remembered going to see them the day they left and was teary-eyed knowing this wonderful friendship would more than likely fade.

But true friendship always prevails.....

We stayed in touch through email, phonecalls, packages, cards, and the always wonderful visits. It seemed our friendship not only stayed strong but grew stronger through the years, regardless of the distance. Our families expanded and our hearts just seemed to grow with each new addition.

And heart is giddy with excitement.....they are moving back to the South. After 7 years of a long-distance friendship, we are close again!!! We won't be 2 days worth of driving away, only a little over an hour. This is the best summer treat ever !!!

Welcome back to The South, Nelsons......We're so happy you are back.

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Sue said...

Oh Korisa, I am teary eyed just reading this! Of course it's been a week since I've had a chance to check your blog, so this is the first time I've seen it! I hope you know how special you (and your whole family) are to all of us. We are lucky to be your friends! You are awesome...thank you for everything!!!
Love always, Sue