Sunday, April 5, 2009

appropriate attire.....not necessary.....

I'm sure all of you have been invited to a party or occasion and wondered, "What should I wear?"

My daughter however, has no qualms, about appropriate attire.  We were getting ready for a birthday party today and she did put on a really cute sailor dress with striped tights.  BUT she also wanted to wear a Halloween Spider Hairband with little high-heel black shoes (although we were going to a bouncy-house for the party)  , because she told me "Canyon Loves Spiders mom AND it IS his birthday." She HAD to were "heely" sparkly shoes to a birthday party.  (She also tried to talk ME into wearing my VERY High Heel Purple print shoes to the party......because it "Is Canyon's birthday party, MOM",   I said the way).

So,  what do I do with two kids with very true opinions with their clothing choices? My son, by the way, only wants to wear shorts with "Holes in them,  like basketball shorts"  or any t-shirt with a character on it or my dad's city pool hall emblem shirts.   OR.....if none of those are about just wearing pajamas for the whole day?

Yes,  I have one extreme to the other........
One child with the most casual clothes you could imagine on, and One child with the most fanciest clothes you could imagine on.

So,  a few days ago,  I let the kids dress themselves.  Zander, of course,  wanted to wear a tee shirt and shorts with holes in them.  Kaya,  of course,  wanted to wear one of the fanciest dresses in her closet.

We were staying at home.  I hid eggs outside to search for.  We painted inside.  We colored eggs outside.  We played on the swings outside.  Not really appropriate settings or situations for a fancy little red dress.  

To the Normal mind.
Not the Kaya mind.

And I can't really say I blame her.  If you can look pretty and wear a pretty dress,  go right ahead.  I often clean the house and put on my bright  red lipstick (while I wear sweats) to just make me feel better.

The fancy attire might not be appropriate..............but doesn't it make you feel SO GOOD inside! 
Go ahead,  wear something "fancy" today and make yourself feel just a little bit special!!!

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