Tuesday, April 28, 2009

touch a truck

If your community ever has a touch a truck event and you have young children,  you must attend.  Must,  must,  must!  This free event was a blast for the kids ( and us ) this Saturday.  

The community workers hosting the event are so friendly and willing to talk to the kids and let them romp around in their vehicles.  Zander and Kaya got to live out their dream jobs for an hour or two.  It is great fun to see all the families out with their kiddos at such an event!

Here are my two cute firefighters .......

They loved the police car and especially the sheriff motorcycles.

Cooling off in the back of the emergency ambulance truck.

Future race car drivers......now we're thinking of taking Zander to one of the races at the local track this summer.  I'm sure he would be fascinated!

They even got to get in the bucket of this cherry-picker  (It stayed on the ground when the kids were in it though).  

The double tractor.....
And Zander and Kaya's favorite.......the trash truck.  
Look at Zander gazing at it in amazement (Like he does almost every Tuesday).....
All of the kids loved this part of the truck the best----blowing the loud trash truck horn!
They even got to operate the levers on the trash truck!

Their dreams of working on the trash truck when they grow up actually came true for just a few minutes!

Check your community calendar or website and enjoy this fun event!!!

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