Friday, April 24, 2009

playground for worms

Each year my mood instantly brightens when I see my first Iris bloom.  
I instantly want to go play in the dirt.  This year is especially fun because Zander and Kaya are great gardening helpers.

Of course,  Kaya had to wear silver sparkly shoes to garden in.  After the fascination of planting subsided,  they quickly got to work on their worm playground.  Here they are digging and making a slide for their collected worms.
We went inside and made a bar graph of how many worms we had found.  On day 1 we found 7,  Day 2 we found 8.......after this post and my morning coffee consumption, we'll go see how many we can find today.

Yes gardening is good for the soul.  And obviously (look at the worm playground above)  good for the worms.  

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