Tuesday, November 20, 2007

crafty insomnia

Oh, to be crafty before the holidays!

Some of my friends always gush and go on about some of the things I create & make (especially in the holiday season) but they don't realize the curse you get from creative craftiness......crafty insomnia.

Here I am, at 4 am typing about all the crazy things going through my mind right now. I have been awake since two just thinking about what I could do, make, and create for the holidays this year. Yes, I'm fully aware that we have not yet reached Thanksgiving. It is a sick obsession that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Here are a few of the very IMPORTANT questions and thoughts jumping around in my brain this morning....

* Should I get premade picture Christmas cards or insert pictures in each card?
* Should I add another border to the backing of Zander's quilt?
* Should I use solid or character print paper for the Santa gifts?
* Wouldn't it be fun to do a Christmas craft every day of December?
* Wouldn't a cookie exchange be fun? And then I thought....."Wouldn't Kaya look so cute in her red dress & snowflake tights when everyone came over to eat cookies?"
* I really think my sweet girls, Katie & Camden, would like something homemade from Aunt Korisa this year.
* Should I make white chocolate truffles or dark chocolate truffles or BOTH?
* What should I get everyone on my list.........this one took a good 20 minutes to think about.....
* What new cookies should I try to bake this year?
* Maybe I could make a shopping schedule to get everything done efficiently!

You get the picture. I have been known to go a little overboard and make myself batty.....hmmmm, wonder why? I do usually get most of the things I have planned accomplished but it is a whirlwind of activity until then. I could say I'm going to stop the madness and not do anything but that really isn't me. I guess I secretly enjoy the madness of my crafty mind. So now I think I'll just go type up my Christmas Card list and make a decision about those pictures! I mean it is 4:30 am on November 20th.....there isn't anything unusual about that.

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JennyB said...

oh, how i love you! Have you visited Brocantehome.com? She has a dreamy christmas planner that would be right up your alley.