Thursday, November 1, 2007

my latest crafty project and my distracted mind

I thought I should let you know what my latest craft project is. I'm currently making an I-Spy Quilt for Zander. I hope to have this done by Christmas so I can decorate his "Big Boy" room for him.

This quilt has 108 different fabrics in it. I've cut out all of the squares.........I can't even remember how many there were......and I have sewn some of the blocks together.

Tonight, however, instead of working on this enormous project, I've been searching for more quilt patterns to make in the future. Yeah, I always seems to start things with grand ambition and then get distracted by my next creative project!

So, I'm thinking, since I actually announced that I'm going to get this finished by Christmas.......I can do it! I'll keep you all posted on the progress!

In the meantime.........I'll keep lookng online tonight for my next quilt pattern. Maybe I can find one with 200 different fabrics.


JennyB said...

does this thing work?

JennyB said...

okay, so third time is the charm. Hey Crafty Girl! I have had some troubles posting on your blog. I LOVE IT! And I completely understand about the distraction. There are probably forty things on my mind all of the time and rarely even one being accomplished! I do hope you finish that quilt--what a great idea. I want to see it. love, love, love you.

Kara said...

Hey FPS!
I love your blog! Here's an idea for a quilt with only one fabric. Does that blow your mind?