Thursday, November 8, 2007

go find a girlfriend

After a very trying day, I went out to enjoy girl's night with the gals in my neighborhood. We had a wonderful dinner, some wine, desserts......and some great chatting went on. I was reluctant to go out, I had so many things to do, but made myself get out of the house. I'm so glad I did!

It was so nice, to sit and talk with some girls. I'm just getting to know some of them and some I met tonight. So it wasn't like I was out with old girlfriends that knew me so well. was still so nice. Do guys experience this, the girlfriend bond? I can always make an instant friend a public bathroom, at the park, in the store......and it always leaves a smiley face in the memories section of my brain! I may never see that gal again but it is always so nice to have that friendly connection for just a few minutes. Do guys get this feeling? I doubt it, I think this is something only we girls understand.

So if any of you are feeling a little down or just being too hard on yourself, go find a girlfriend. Go call someone who you haven't in a while, go have lunch with a current friend, or go knock on that neighbor's door that you've been wanting to meet.
Trust me, girlfriend time is the best therapy!

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