Monday, November 5, 2007

our ky visit.....great times with grandma & grandpa.....and the dogs

The past weekend we traveled to KY to visit with my family for my mom's birthday. It was a wonderful trip but went by way too fast!!!

Zander has always been so excited to visit and see all of their dogs. Here he is up at the crack of dawn to feed the dogs their "dog cookies." He was patiently lugging around the 5 pound bag of treats while waiting for my dad to get dressed to go outside. I always tell him to wait until daylight to go outside but Grandpa can never say no! He was clapping and full of delight to see and feed his dogs so early in the morning!!!

After having a fear of the dogs for a few months, Kaya now is also eager to play. She prefers the puppies however. She just giggles and keeps saying "Ruff, Ruff." Zander likes the puppies too but I think he prefers being knocked down and licked on by the big dogs.

We have said that we wondered what we did with our time before the kids were born. Now, on visits to my parents, we all sit on the porch and enjoy watching the kids walk around outside and play with all the dogs. It is such a simple but delightful way to pass the time. I'm sure whatever we did before this wasn't as precious as watching their faces fill with pure joy while playing with their dogs in the country.

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