Tuesday, September 2, 2008

mothers and daughters

There is a special bond between mothers and daughters. A bond indescribable to the males we love so much in our lives. It is like mothers and daughters are forever linked by invisible friendship necklaces that have broken hearts matching together that read "mom" and "daughter".

I feel fortunate that I can be on both ends of this special relationship.

Especially this weekend, when I'm feeling not so great. I felt so bad and guilty that most of this weekend (while we hosted Matt's dad and stepmom from Texas) I only stayed in bed, dealing with my pain with my heating pad and pain medication. But during this time of suffering, I had one of the greatest moments that I'm sure I'll always remember.

While resting upstairs, Matt asked Kaya if she wanted to go play or go see mommy for a little while. She wanted to see mommy. She crawled up into bed with me and told me she was going to "lay down by mommy till mommy's belly feels better." She then started rubbing on my belly and patting my hair. I was teary-eyed and so proud of my sweet, sensitive little girl. She then wanted to roll a matchbox car on my belly to make it feel better.

It was such a sweet feeling to see my daughter, who is yet not two, want to take such good care of her mommy.

I also had to once again swallow my pride, yesterday, and admit to my mom that I did need some help. Within an hour of talking to her on the phone, she was packed and on the five-hour trip to stay with us. I'm so glad I have her and she realizes when I need her the most.

Between my mother and daughter, I already feel better. They are taking good care of me.

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JennyB said...

i am so thankful your mom is there. don't you know you will be doing the exact same thing when Kaya needs you? and you will love every bit of it just as much as your mom does. xoxo