Sunday, September 7, 2008

seven simple pleasures (part 1)

My brain has once again been on break. I have wanted to blog but I think my mind is too overwhelmed by my health and upcoming surgery. So I decided to take control of this writers-block and do something different this week.

This week, each day I'm going to post a simple pleasure that has graced my life lately. It is so important for me to take the time and realize what great treats I receive each day.

My first simple pleasure is my little helper. Zander loves to help me clean (unless that cleaning means picking up toys......but that is a different story all together).

Here he is a couple of nights ago cleaning the windows and door in my kitchen. His grin full of pride when he finished was absolutely precious. The other treat is the all-natural cleaner from Trader Joes. It smells great and works wonderfully---even after Z sprayed a third of the bottle on the window. No streaks!

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