Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the games have begun

Yes, that wonderful season, football season, is upon us once again. Now I know many of you are doing cheers and whoops of glee out there because of it. I guess you didn't hear the sarcasm dripping from my words.

It isn't that I absolutely HATE football. I actually enjoy live games. I've even been know to cheer a few times for a team that I like. I also don the sports apparel of Matt's favorite teams on game day. But the fact that entire days are consumed with the sport, every weekend, annoys me.

It may be because my husband is obsessed with it. I hear other wives say "Yes, my husband is too." Then I shake my head and say, "No, I mean obsessed." As in, one time a few years ago, Matt was watching a game on tv, talking about it on his cell phone, and tracking it on the computer all at the same time. And he had all of his brackets and fantasy football papers spread out in front of him.

This is something I've just learned to accept. I guess I should be thankful for these LONG weekends of nothing but sports. It helped me feed my craftiness obsession. There have been many Sundays where Matt enjoyed the games while I painted pumpkins.

And although I have loathed this season for many years, I now have a new reason to appreciate it. My three favorite people do look awfully stinking cute in their matching sports gear. (see slide show below)

So now I'll take pictures of them each weekend as they watch their games. Then I'll go cross-stitch or quilt in peace.

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