Saturday, September 27, 2008

making a list, checking it twice

Honestly, I logged on to write this post before I turned on The Office episode that aired last night. I have laughed inside my head about a dear friend of mine and her lists before I saw Ryan on the show "listing things" too.

This friend of mine has often said, "I'm gonna put that on my list." I thought it was just an expression that she used when she disliked a person or heard a phrase she especially loved. I always felt honored if I made a comment that ever made it to the list.

So, the other day, while we were having brunch at another pal's house, she pulled a journal out of her purse to check on one of her lists. I died laughing. I said, "I didn't know you really kept lists." But what was funnier was when she told us the list she was looking for......People I'd like to punch in the face. I think the top two were Paris Hilton (understandable) and Ellen Pompeo (which she annoys me too).

Luckily, my friend got me the perfect birthday present that day. A journal---a delightful, brightly-colored, slim vertical journal. A journal perfect for making lists.

So this week I started making lists. And my friend is right, making lists is therapeutic. Here are some of the things in my journal....A list of things I want to complete before my surgery, A list of friends I want to send handwritten notes and pictures to, A list of books I want to read, A list of shows I really shouldn't watch but do anyway, A list of topics I want to blog about. Maybe a should make a list of things I want to list about.

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