Tuesday, November 11, 2008

donating treats

I know I'm not the only one with the agony of what to do with all of this stuff. Clearing clutter is constant, especially in the life of motherhood. Especially now, after Halloween. I know it is my favorite holiday and I kind of deserve having all of these sweets in my house, tempting the kids and myself.

So today we had a final candy party and boxed the rest up to donate. I wanted the kids to know what happened to all the candy so I wouldn't endlessly be answering the question, "Why is our candy gone?". Although I'm sure that question will be asked at least 5 times (better than 25).

Here we are packing up the box. (Yes, there is no picture of Kaya.....she was buck naked, of course...and I was just too tired to make her put her clothes on again).

I'd like to say I thought of this brilliant plan myself but I didn't---my neighborhood sent out a bulletin suggesting places to donate candy. We are sending ours to Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends supplies and treats to the troops. I hope each soldier comes home soon and keeps safe. Hopefully, our box of treats will put a smile on their faces.

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